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need new ereader - go qgl
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So I have a sony prs-t1 but the battery in it is s***ting itself

so I either need to replace the battery or buy a similar one

looking to be able to upload my epub and mobi collection so nothing that limits files etc

inbuilt light might also be cool
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Brisbane, Queensland
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all sorts of fail.

my kindle ownz (i got a light for fathers day)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I have Kobo Glo, in built light is total WIN!

Supports epub/mobi/pdf and side loading like a real e-Reader should.

I find the battery lasts for ages still and has a few cool little extras like Chess and a HTML viewer for webpages... it is bizzar and you will never use it twice, but it's still there..

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Yeah i was looking at the latest Kobo which I think releases today Kobo Aura which looks good
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Yep, bought a friend a kobo glo for their birthday. I was actually impressed by it and they love it.

Sticking to physical books myself, however.
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Other International
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I've had a Kindle, it's the bomb, defo recommend.

Been thinking about getting the new touch kindle,

Touch interface, paperwhite screen, built-in light, and all the other Kindle awesomeness.
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i've got a kindle paperwhite - it is fantastic. i prefer physical books, but the kindle has been pretty brilliant for me
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Im still using the kindle with the keyboard. its still great.
Im going to suggest John Birmingham. He wrote world war 2.0.
Alternate time travel back to ww2 history, kinda thing. But he's continued with that story.
Stalins hammer : Rome. its called.
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can i load my own epub or mobi book on a kindle?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Sticking to physical books myself, however.

yes, just get calibre and you can do whatever you want

Sticking to physical books myself, however.

im never reading a physical book again;
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I've got this one 6" Kindle after i miss packed my old keyboard one on a flight and the screen got damaged.

got this cover with light to go with it.

I've read a few John Birmingham, After America, World War 2.1 Series, interesting concepts and a good read.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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can i load my own epub or mobi book on a kindle?

epub and mobi would both work fine if converted using something like Calibre. DRM protected epub files need to be cracked before you do so.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I use an iPad mini, easy to load library of epubs etc

+ the advantage if 407362682 billion apps
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I use an iPad mini, easy to load library of epubs etc

nar, an ereader is much better on the eyes long term in lower light,
it can be read in full bright direct sunlight
and the battery lasts ages (i get weeks to months out of a charge, no hours and days)
it weights a s*** load less, so easier on the wrists

about the only thing the ipad does better is porn and movies
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Brisbane, Queensland
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was looking for something else and saw this thread. aldi have a $50 reader atm. looks pretty good!
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one point twenty one
Gold Coast, Queensland
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epub and mobi would both work fine if converted using something like Calibre
+1 for Calibre, what a great piece of software. And yes, Kindles are really good.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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