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Good new iphone games/apps?
Brisbane, Queensland
2398 posts
I've been trawling the appstore for stuff to keep me busy on public transport (procrastination ho!), found some pretty good new ones. Anyone found anything else?

so far mine are;
$5 but just barely worth it
$2, old school cool
$1, only 'city building' game i've ever liked, bejeweled-ish gameplay
free, slots

Also infectionator+Leps world 2, which are free but haven't gotten into them yet.

Older games: jetpack joyride, trundle, game dev story, bezerk ball, death worm, blaster tank, tank warz, soul calibur

For apps I just got runkeeper for me to excercise with over the holidays, looking out for similar

what are you guys using?
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Melbourne, Victoria
5271 posts
Phooks, I would recommend getting the Touch Arcade app - it reviews games and gives you updates on when games become free / have price drops.

You can add games you like the look of to a 'watch list' which will also keep you posted on price fluctuations on apps. Very surprising how often games go free/cheap!

I have been enjoying:
Hero Academy, (but am now over it) - turn based strategy game (like chess but better, has TF2 characters!)
Kingdom Rush - awesome tower defense game - gets hard
Random Heros - platformer - good fun!
Letterpress - word game

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Gold Coast, Queensland
5384 posts
Myself, natslovr & TiT are still playing Hero Academy, it's an awesome little game - add me!

WarGames: WOPR
Dungeon Raid (not particularly new and no HD/iPad version but still good)

Bad Piggies is the latest from Rovio, but I haven't tried that yet.
Plants vs Zombies 2 is apparently a only few months away as well.

Edit: Oh, also Ticket to Ride is pretty good too, though I've only played the ipad version.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3527 posts
Get Train Conductor, and there's a Train Conductor USA. Both good time wasters

Also Catapult King
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Brisbane, Queensland
77 posts
Not a new game, but i've been playing Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North no stop for months now.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1678 posts
Yep get train conductor and youll also feel good for helping my mates who started the indie studio The Voxel Agents in Melbourne. All QUT grads, same with the guys from halfbrick who did fruit ninja and jetpack joyride :)
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no you hang up
Brisbane, Queensland
2310 posts
still pounding the fapapp pretty hard :(
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Bad Piggies is pretty cool but a bit short. Good idea, build your own makeshift pig mobile and send it on it's merry way with mostly hilarious results.

Punch Quest is pretty good too. Old school, 2 button play similar to Jetpack joyride, but with oldschool graphics and power ups / special moves galore. It's free too so very win.

Been hammering Fruit Ninja at the moment. Old as game but still epic, and me and my mate have been trading high scores in arcade mode.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3529 posts
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Melbourne, Victoria
556 posts
I'm not a jogger at all, but the idea for this app really amazed me:

Basically an interactive jogging/running stat tracking app slash zombie running game. Available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, too!
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