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CRM recommendations
Brisbane, Queensland
3238 posts
hi team,
we need a CRM solution for a small National BDM team. max users so far would be 7-8.

i have used Sales Force and Sales Logix but feel they are a bit of overkill for our purposes. standard criteria - pipeline reports, leads, marketing campaign tracking, sales funnels, etc

we use Win7 Pro & Office 2010 so must intergrate. have looked at simply starting with Business Contact Manager http://office.microsoft.com/en-gb/outlook-help/CH010371336.aspx or MS Dynamics http://crm.dynamics.com/en-au/home

and the boss wants it to work on iPads, (don't bother with the anti iPad tirades or try and convert me, we all have them it's a closed book that one)

any ideas or input on those 2 MS products appreciated, thx
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36363 posts
We used Highrise for a while; it's a nice and simple web-based app that will work on any device: http://highrisehq.com/

We have since switched to SalesForce, but afaik we're not really power-using it so I can't comment on what is better.

After absorbing a lot of MS PR recently I feel like if you're an Office/Outlook/Exchange shop, Dynamics is probably worth a very close look - it sounds cheaper per seat than the options (although maybe that is only in large scale).
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2041 posts
I've heard good things about SugarCRM. I haven't used it personally though.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
875 posts
I've heard good things about SugarCRM

Seems very overweight out of the box.. but if you spend a week or so customising it... it's really awesome.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4387 posts
everything runs on an ipad... because you can rdp to a windows ts
09:06am 24/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5009 posts
i've played with sugar and dynamics quickly and dynamics is awesome as it integrates with exchange/sharepoint so good.
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Brisbane, Queensland
584 posts
+1 to Dynamics
10:08am 24/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
72 posts
maximizer was good in its day, havent used it for about 9 years or so. Looks like it is optimized for ipad also :/
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Brisbane, Queensland
1697 posts
we use salesforce where i work, but i have heard good things about highrise as well
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Melbourne, Victoria
8128 posts
Ironically I (part) own a cloud based CRM style system but it's under development at the moment and wouldn't subject anyone to use the current site.. it's horrible!

So self interest aside, I stumbled across CapsuleCRM which looks like a pretty neat piece of software. I'd also recommend Highrise too.
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Melbourne, Victoria
8129 posts
As a side not, if anyone wants an accounting package then use Xero.. it is so goddamn awesome!
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Brisbane, Queensland
3239 posts
thanks for the feedback so far. I'll do some research
04:55pm 24/07/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
62 posts
Salesforce.. Good thing about it is you can manipulate it virtually however you want (i'm sure you're aware of that)

Not too sure what the licences cost though.

I'm about to start a role and there will be 4 of us using SalesForce.. That's it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5566 posts
Dynamics +1
Sales force -1 burn hole through your wallet
Sugar 50/50
vtiger average
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Brisbane, Queensland
9689 posts
hi team,
we need a CRM solution for a small National BDM team. max users so far would be 7-8.

you are asking this question because you are without a mentor who can help you.

find one.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7921 posts
Using "Kayako" here, very basic yet does the trick for small usage and low licensing costs
11:27am 25/07/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
1 posts
+1 for Highrise or SalesForce (Highrise my personal fav). Plenty of integrations out there. Highrise has mobile apps but they're not that great.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6154 posts
Sales force -1 burn hole through your wallet

last time i looked our licence fees where around 3.5m. only started the salesforce project 9months ago
09:13pm 07/08/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1202 posts
We've been using Capsule, which has been okay thus far. Though we're about 95% of the way through developing our own awesome one. Wish I could say we're finished for threads like this >:( ticks all your boxes

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Brisbane, Queensland
881 posts
Used Dynamics for years :P ... it's decent I guess.
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