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Recommend - Newbie-friendly Home Planning Software
Brisbane, Queensland
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I don't quite have the cash yet but I am really interested in designing my own home. I think I have some great ideas.

I need something that is free and can create a 3D representation of a large single-story home. Five bedrooms, three ensuites, two bathrooms, a movie room and a large kitchen/dining/living area.

I have already found the perfect block of land, I hope I can buy it one day :]
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Brisbane, Queensland
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SmartDraw is pretty easy for a floor plan, but lol @ 3D

In the end the easiest thing to do is get a floorplan from a builder and photoshop it. Then at least you can go through their display homes and see what their s*** looks like and use your imagination for how you'd make it different.

Go to a display village, like the one at northlakes and look at a few builders homes. Metricon have nice homes but I've heard a few horror stories, Coral Homes are good value.

If you're planning to build start reading this forum for tips

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Brisbane, Queensland
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thanks man
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Brisbane, Queensland
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but lol @ 3D

I someone who is currently getting into doing 3D design work - it probably isn't something you'll just pick up overnight as an amatuer. And I'm guessing it will be hard to find a decent package for free. Unless it comes built into a Linux ISO.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I dunno. Maya has a pretty easy learning curve, and QERadiant wasn't too hard to use, but I could never get my head around 3DSMax and Inferno.
Edit: In the same way that Corel Photo-Paint is easy as to pick up, whereas Photoshop is a pain in the ass to learn, and I can do everything you can do in PhotoShop in Corel.

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The Mrs and I learnt google sketch up in a weekend for our house plans (the draftsman we hired to make the final plan for the builder charged us less because we used real measurements on them too!)

Anyways I was decent in 3d studio max from my CAD days and the mrs had never used a 2d or 3d cad program before.

Long story short is the mrs picked google sketchup up faster then I did because sketch up uses some weird ways of doing things that arnt like other 3d programs. I was trying to use what i knew from 3d studio max, maya etc and it held me back.

So i would suggest using google sketch up and take the turotials at the start then click 'more tutorials' this takes you to google and there is a few easy ones like building a chair that teach you loads.

My mrs is now a google sketch up master!

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Smart straw ftw. But 3d man and for free your getting into specialist areas.

At school we had to use 3dsmax do design a toolbox with wheels I gave up on it and eventually used source sdk lol.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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I did a pretty detailed home design in Blender once, but it's not exactly a user friendly program.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Another vote for sketchup. I used it before Google bought it years back and it was awesome and easy to use then. Hopefully still the same, probably even better.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I drew up the plans for my back deck on paper with a HB pencil
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Sketchup has been attached to the cloud now so you can right click -> import from template library -> search

then type things like 'pool table' and BOOM you have a pool table :)

or my fav 'ikea 300x600 verticle 3 shelf' BOOM

so good
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Best idea (which i think is the first reply) is to get a design from an existing house and modify it.

not just because modifying is easier, but normally when you go through the process of dealing with a builder they'll have a price for a house plan, but if you work off changes to that plan then you can just work off how much more/less expensive those changes will make to the house.

It also means that for large proportions of the house they'll know exactly what they're doing and that really helps when it comes to when they build it which helps for both them doing it right the first time, and how quickly the house comes along.

Last time my parents used OwnIt homes. These were the best builders out of four block up builds they've done. So i'd have to promote them both for the build time (on schedule/ahead of schedule) and their post-build support (ie issues afterwards like the exhaust hood on the stove and a few other bits) was quite excellent. The post build inspection before the keys are handed over is huge too - they covered the house with red stickers - giving it measles with every little bump and scratch or scuff that had been picked up and they fixed all of those before they handed the keys over.

Anyway have fun.
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Broken link i think sky...
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I drew up the plans for my back deck on paper with a HB pencil

Hardcore would be an 8H.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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This sketchup thing looks really good! Gonna watch some tuts.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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tread carefully with concepts about designing a house.
See who you know as far as architects go, or approach a technical college about getting it done on the cheap.
There are hundreds of building codes/regulations as far as housing goes.

Sure you might have some awesome ideas about overall layout, but in my opinion, filter them through someone who works in that sorta space.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I've watched five minutes of the first tutorial and I reckon I could make a 3d house in sketchup. Though I would want the floor plan and measurements worked out first.

Thankfully I've forgotten most of worldcraft/hammer, 3dsmax, milkshape, and the gay one they made us use at UQ.

Only a weekago I was searching for 3d software for some metalwork I'm doing, I have the absolute f*****g jollies now.

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whatcha doing with metalwork thermite?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Gonna build something like this
I've already built the frame though, which is the main thing I needed to plan out properly. I'll be attaching the mower soon, and if that goes well I'll go to phase 2 which is the wheel motors and arduino.

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autonomous eh? would be awsome to make a remote controlled version :-D

thats a great little project youve got there. would be nice just to fit a starter motoro to the mower as a start...
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Brisbane, Queensland
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It will be remote controlled! Don't think anyone's been game to do an autonomous one yet.
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Hrm... the lack of hopper is a shame. Should make something it can drive over to drop the grass into and then keep driving :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I have a mulching mower
great engine, great blade system, big deck
s*** wheels, and no self-propulsion... that's how I found this.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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However couldn't recommend more you 'obtaining a copy' of autocad and teaching yourself that. CAD is every industry standard so you may as well learn that s***. I can also give you some pointers as my wife has taught me heaps about it and she knows it back to front.

I even did this up for a mate of mine:
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Brisbane, Queensland
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My post was probably back to front. We design everything in CAD and import it into sketchup as it is probably one of the better 3D rendering package out there and is completely free. Designing from scratch in sketchup is for people who either hate time or have way too much of it.

I understand CAD is unecessarily bloated however it is captain and eventually easy (and quick) to use.

The next step up is revit, which will fully render everything (including lighting files if you have them) and formulate a BOM you can just give to any builder and say "How much" and there is 0 question about s*** going over budget.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Download The Sims 3, missus spend hours designing people and houses.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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12d > AutoCAD.
Just saying.
12d probably has a steeper learning curve though...

Sketchup is great if you're building on something already designed.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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visio lol
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Broken link i think sky...

True that! Fixed, i had two "" in there before the actual http:// part of the link. So that was pretty pro, but googling ownit homes gets you there anyway if someone was genuinely interested.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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