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Roger Moore Dead
Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5766 posts
Dead at 89

He had a great run, really enjoyed his movies.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12771 posts
yeah he was 007 and pretty good but I always rem him as...

Simon Templar - The Saint
always rescuing beautiful European Women in trouble.
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No more plowing hot Bond babes from him. He was an alright bond though.

I've never seen the saint, a bit before my time. How old are you, Faceman? 50? Or you watched reruns back in the day after it originally aired?
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Brisbane, Queensland
12772 posts
It used to be on after school years ago. Channel 7 i think
I really liked the Music and the intros, used to watch it before I did homework or during.

It was made in the 60s lol not that old.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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A year or so ago the wife and I collected and watched the entire several seasons of The Saint and then The Persuaders, with Roger and Tony Curtis. They are great shows and it was a lot of fun seeing and identifying young actors appear in small bit parts here and there, who ended up being big actors in the UK scene. A lot of great actors cut their teeth on the Pinewood Studios lots back in the 60/70'

A great story was posted by a fan after the announcement of his death. As a child he was at an airport with his grandfather when he spotted 'James Bond' (Moore) in the crowd and begged his grandfather to 'get Bond's autograph!' The grandfather approached Moore who kindly gave his signature. When the Grandfather returned the signature book to the small boy he became dejected and said, "He's signed it with the wrong name! He's written down this Roger Moore name?" The lad pestered his granddad to go get BONDS signature, which he did, he again spoke with Moore who then got up came over to the lad knelt down and said, "Of course you know I had to use this chap Roger Moore's name because its my cover, Blofeld's men could be anywhere, even on our aircraft. ok?" The child was in raptures because HE was now working with James Bond to keep his cover, he was so happy.

Come forward 20yrs and the young child was now a young man working for the UN and was involved in a photo shoot involving Roger Moore. He approaches Moore and recounts the childhood airport time their paths had crossed. Moore laughed jovially and said he honestly couldn't remember the meeting. The shoot went fine and some time later Moore was leaving the studio and walked past the young man in a corridor. He pulled him close and said, "Ok, of course I remember you my man.' And with a wink, "Sorry about having to disavow you in their old chap, you know anyone of those photographers could be working for Blofeld!"

He was gracious enough to carry on the amusing joke after two decades.

Connery will always be MY Bond, but Roger did a good job also. R.I.P.
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Other International
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That's a great story Psycho, what a class act.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Daniel Craig is the best bond
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Brosnan looks like the best Bond but Connery is the best actor type IMO.
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