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Pairgate - MP Michelle Rowland's sick baby
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From SMH

The Coalition's initial rejection of a Labor MP's request to go home to be with her sick child made ''an absolute mockery of everything the Leader of the Opposition has ever said about working women'', Prime Minister Julia Gillard has said.
Labor MP Michelle Rowland had earlier on Thursday hit out at the Coalition, saying it knew she had a sick child when they refused her request for a ''pair'' to leave Parliament, contradicting statements from opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne.
Responding to a question on the Coalition's actions, Ms Gillard said: ''It just shows so clearly that he [Tony Abbott] doesn't get it.''

Maybe it is just me, but i am completely cynical when it comes politics in Australia at the moment. When i read this all i see is a beatup to make an issue out of something to distract the Australian public during budget week.

We have backbench government MP, who says her baby was sick and vomiting on Sunday. She was very concerned about it, and rightly so, it is the first time her new born has been sick. She then comes in to work on Monday? Why not stay home? If the opposition forced a vote on supply it would be a draw and also it would play super bad for them in the press, so they wouldn't do it.

Instead, lets submit a leave form on Tuesday with with language implying "no sense of urgency" and put it in the mix with all the other Govt MPs leave forms and wait for them all to get rejected. Then make a big deal about it. Get granted leave and then instead of going home, go do a dozen press interviews.

So is it just me, or is this a beatup?
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