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Prince to the Broncos
Brisbane, Queensland
3528 posts
So Scott is coming back. Good or bad signing?


My ABC radio just told me it's confirmed.
Is he to old at 32?
Can he make an impact?
Where will he play, 5/8 or half?

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Brisbane, Queensland
34465 posts
haha, yer i just heard this in a meeting i was in!

i like him, i reckon hes got goods to offer broncos.

not sure where he will slot in, but i think this will be good for broncos

saw on the news this mornign that his pommy deal was falling through.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5388 posts
Probably hear him less on the radio now, he's a bit of a local celeb down here.
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I don't think age is Prince's problem, in fact that's probably what the Broncos need.

I think his injuries have aged him a bit beyond his years but he still performed well for the Tits last season and I think Broncos are only thinking short term with him anyway.

Wonder what will happen at the Titans now, it's not the most attractive club at the moment with all their financial worries and I don't think they can afford to go through a rebuilding process and struggle in the bottom half of the ladder for another couple of seasons if they expect to keep fans coming to their games.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9473 posts
bad move for the Broncos though they had money left over because they werent buying any players for next year.

He is too old.
Will he be made Captain ?

Gold Coast IS Prince.
I dunno but i dont see the Titans having a future.
they might move to be a 2nd Brisbane Club.

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Brisbane, Queensland
2912 posts
Calm down c****, the voice of reason (and Broncos season ticket holder) is here.

Interesting purchase. A friend in London of all places alerted me to the rumour last night, but there was no way I thought it was going to happen. So took me by surprise when it got announced, that's for sure.

I like it. I think it could be a really good pick up for the Broncos. Heardy wrote on my wall that his best years were behind him (the Tigers years) and I would tend to agree. However, he can still be a great ball player & a kicker (Broncos kicking in play sucks balls). And he is perfect for the guys like Norman and Hunt to learn from. He'll pick up injuries, but he will also give us some assistance at Origin when we lose blokes and have to play people out of position.

I'm thinking he will go straight to 7, Wallace to 5/8 (where he should have played this year) and Norman to FB. Hoffman on the wing where Beale was. Hunt back to the bench like the dud he is.
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Brisbane, Queensland
17426 posts
as per usual faceman gets the dumb out in the open early in the thread

yeah i think he will give them some direction in attack which they were clearly lacking i haven't watch a team look like never scoring a try so badly for a while like some of the games in the back end of this season

he doesn't need to be the absolute f*****g bomb like he was at the tigers for him to be effective in the current brisbane team. they were f*****g killing in the first half of the season just off the back of a good forward pack

it is tough on norman and probably hoffman if he does lose his fullback position to norman but it does make sense because norman is a great ball player, just not all the time under pressure - when something is on norman can inject himself in from fullback and is highly effective

hunt isn't a dud imo he was a far more stable half at the end of the season this year than norman and actually played like a half and he's been great out of dummy half

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10138 posts
already got 2 terrible halves, why not make it three. Im going for the adelaide rams in 2013
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Brisbane, Queensland
2913 posts
Paveway - I think the dummy half/hooker role is Hunt's best position, agree with you there. I just don't think he is a competent 5/8 or 7. And McCullough is a walk up start every week, so sucks to be him I guess.
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Brisbane, Queensland
17427 posts
i think hunt has more potential to play a half position than norman, hunt has the look about him and a bit jore creative. He'd just need more time, the biggest problem with hunt is he just does silly backyard s*** in the heat of the moment sometimes, which could be ironed out and will leave his game as he matures

mccullough needs to work out how to play 80, he's got the cameron smith work ethic when he's out there but he plays his coight off for 60

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Brisbane, Queensland
9475 posts
Thats going to be the smallest halves combination in the NRL.

Broncos wasted a whole season with a halves combo that they are now splitting up.

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10139 posts
also the biggest issue IMO - prince has a bad habit of taking a dive. FORM ON THA BOARD BRO
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Brisbane, Queensland
3532 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
17454 posts
that will be good, another workhorse in the team along with parker

waiting for the usual ctd negative comment

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Brisbane, Queensland
9482 posts
staggs not a bad buy.
The Broncos were set about not buying any players.
thatstwo in a few days.
whats going on at Red Hill ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
17456 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
2915 posts
Holy crap that's a great pick up. I would still have preferred Te'o, but Stagg/Parker/Glenn/Gillet/Thaiday is a pretty tidy backrow squad.
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10142 posts
STAGG? WHat a d*******. shoulda picked up joris voorn. mad beats. end transmission
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Brisbane, Queensland
2199 posts
Also Izzy is maving the move back to NRL.
I would cream my pants if he signed with the broncos again but I doubt they have any cash left in the kitty.
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Brisbane, Queensland
17463 posts
rumour is he's linked with the eels - lul
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10143 posts
Na I like Stagg, no negativity from me on that. But prince takes dives on a regular basis and I don't like that s***.
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