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Aussie (and American) scientists discover how to block heroin and mo...
Brisbane, Queensland
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In a major breakthrough, an international team of scientists has proven that addiction to morphine and heroin can be blocked, while at the same time increasing pain relief.

The team from the University of Adelaide and University of Colorado has discovered the key mechanism in the body's immune system that amplifies addiction to opioid drugs.

Laboratory studies have shown that the drug (+)-naloxone will selectively block the immune-addiction response.

For those of us who aren't addicted to these drugs the real kicker is going to be the resulting advances in medication for severe pain.
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Does this also mean, that heroin users can get the high without the addiction? Or would it also block some of the "pleasurable" feelings of the drug?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Was reading about the addictive properties of wheat and how some aspect if it is binds to the same opiate receptors and naloxone has the same addiction reducing properties for wheat as it does morphine/heroin. Essentially the article was explaining how wheat addiction is similar to opiate addiction.

Does this also mean, that heroin users can get the high without the addiction? Or would it also block some of the "pleasurable" feelings of the drug?

Skimmed the article and i think it blocks the dopamine high they get, thus no reward for the behaviour.
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F*** yeah time to start shooting smack.
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
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I'd love to know what heroin feels like. If I knew I was dying and there was no way out I'd like to try heroin at least once to see what it's like.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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F*** yeah time to start shooting smack.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Sweet, so we can take this drug everyday, just before work, and not be addicted. Wooo

Seriously though, this is mainly for people who need strong pain relief without the risk of addiction?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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im in pain!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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f*** yeah sign me up
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Bet it never gets off the ground.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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A scientist creates a pill that can stop you from getting drunk from alcohol. You can drink all the spirit you want, but you won't feel the least bit tipsy.

Synthahol, Star Trek

Kind if like light beer if you ask me, pointless.
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