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Fake police officer works for a month undetected
Brisbane, Queensland
12964 posts
This is gold, 18 year old kid somehow gets his hand on a uniform and shows up to work one day, no one even bothers to verify his story
Social engineering on show


A major investigation is underway into a security breach in which a man posed as a police officer at the Perth Watch House for more than a month.

The man has been arrested and charged but police are still investigating whether he managed to access any sensitive information.

It goes on to say that they've arrested him and searched his house, found some more uniforms etc
Someones wiping egg off their face right about now
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Brisbane, Queensland
7742 posts
Hahah nice
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Brisbane, Queensland
7428 posts
... I suppose if the organisation is big enough and you avoid anyone connected with rostering this would be quite easy.
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Brisbane, Queensland
11684 posts

We had a homeless guy living in our building...
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1136 posts
There was a story recently from Silicon Valley that a contracted programmer had his project scrapped, so he slept in the building for X amount of time working on it lol
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Melbourne, Victoria
13236 posts
Crazy. Pretty damn alarming really. AFAIK it's a very serious crime, I think he'll look back and think it wasn't such a good idea.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12965 posts
I'm thinking there is a pretty good chance he has mental problems to have done it in the first place
if not he must have one helluva poker face
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Brisbane, Queensland
9706 posts
Was he good at the job?
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I like eel pie
Brisbane, Queensland
3889 posts
presumably he got access to computer systems.. how? do they keep PC's unlocked or did he simply ask other officers to log on for him..

seems kinda strange that someone can show up for work for a month with out being able to log in or deal with prisoners or go on patrol, etc...
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Brisbane, Queensland
6856 posts
that does seem like poor security... especially that it went on for a month. i don't doubt someone could do the same at a lot of big companies but you'd like to think the police would be a bit tighter on their security. even in telecom in the 80s i had to have photo id that was colour coded for the sections i was allowed into. some security guards could be lax but you'd never get away with it for more than a day.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1211 posts
even in telecom in the 80s i had to have photo id

F*** you're old demon
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Brisbane, Queensland
2734 posts
suddenly, nukes you from orbit lol
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Brisbane, Queensland
3653 posts
there was some autistic kid in the states that was into passenger aircraft and he worked his way through over there not long ago.. pretty incredible how he fooled so many people.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18777 posts
did they give him a gun?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
20782 posts
Read the link you gronk.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18781 posts
The man had a full police utility belt, complete with handcuffs, police issue baton and holster.

It says nothing about a gun YA GRONK
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Gold Coast, Queensland
20783 posts
The article says

The man had a full police utility belt, complete with handcuffs, police issue baton and holster.

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Kids got nothing on Frank Abagnale.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10231 posts
currently lol'ing at gronk
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Brisbane, Queensland
8906 posts
Lot of Serial Killers pretend to be Police Officers.

its a 'control' fantasy.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3111 posts
bit like the kid who lived at AOL headquarters for a while after being on some program. he actually lived there in the building using all their facilities and the canteen for free meals.
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Brisbane, Queensland
22 posts
crazymorton I read about that last week, guy is a complete wanker.

People are all saying "ohh they should have given him whatever he needed to get his project off the ground", bahhh! I think he should be tossed out into the gutter. There is working hard for what you want, then there is stealing and squatting which is what he did.

My question is though, what did the 18 year old do all day? You would think he would get pretty bored after a few days without having any actual work to do.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
20787 posts
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