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Punk Economics
Brisbane, Queensland
5923 posts
Kinda explains what is going on Europe and why the stock market is s***ting itself.

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Melbourne, Victoria
5248 posts
I'm off to France and Spain next week. Any recommendations?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3053 posts
I'm off to France and Spain next week. Any recommendations?

bullet proof vest & cricket box (for those pesky rubber bullets), ski mask/balaclava to avoid those embarrassing "oh look it's domino in a riot" moments, wet suit under your clothes for the water cannon, and a small but stylish gas mask for the CS gas, (also a bottle of water to rinse your eyes in case you don't get the mask on in time).

oh and have a great time!!

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Brisbane, Queensland
8847 posts
Spain is rooted.
Their Banks were downgraded a few days ago.
Greeks and Spaniards have withdrawn hundreds of millions of Euros in anticipation of leaving the Euro and a massive devaluation of any replacement currency.

If you waited a month you would prolly get a lot more for your money.
That is unless tourists get targeted for muggings.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
2054 posts
+1 josey wales reference
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2515 posts
So I watched that whole video and still don't have a clue wtf is going on.

The analogy about the street and the value of property I got... but then they started talking about poker and voting and s***?
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Brisbane, Queensland
18740 posts
EU members have to vote on a fiscal treaty. that is what the whole video was about. read this:
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Brisbane, Queensland
8849 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
755 posts
I'm off to France and Spain next week. Any recommendations?

It's been a while since I've been to either of those places but the usuals I guess - zie arc, the shomps, zie tower, bulls etc. Perhaps you could stop at every Maccas along your treck for a le big mac and code up a mobile app that does something with the prices and data! :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
6713 posts
You mean like the big mac index, which the economist has been doing since 1986?
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Brisbane, Queensland
1939 posts
mmm im moving to germany in 8 days...
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Brisbane, Queensland
756 posts
No, I meant like the big mac index that the economist has been doing since 1986.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1512 posts
+1 josey wales reference

Where? I missed it :(
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Gold Coast, Queensland
774 posts
that first video is political wank... Germany is not the a****** that mismanaged the Greek, Spanish or French economy.
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1532 posts
Yeah I think that first video is more political nonsense, not sure I agree with some of the financial facts touted.

This is a gem from the RSA Animate series, whilst not about Europe specifically, it's about the overall crisis:

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