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Aussie federal surplus to lead developed countries across the globe
Brisbane, Queensland
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reddit thread

Was surprised cigarette tax rakes in as much as petrol tax. must be so many smokers
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Brisbane, Queensland
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They have as much chance as delivering a surplus as they do winning the next election with Julia at the helm. I don't know why they even bothered to try to sound like they were going to deliver on this promise.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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The ABC should be absolutely ashamed of that infographic and whoever put it together should have an Edward Tufte hardcover book thrown at their head.
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What's with the lack of consistency of the numbering? Why switch from Billions to Millions then back to Billions for no apparent reason other than to f*** with me?

I don't know why they keep with the idea that a surplus is somehow good for a Government to have. I mean having a large debt is bad sure but having more money than your spending isn't what taxes are for either.

I get that Howard was somehow able to convince people it's a good thing that he is taxing people more than they need to be but surely it's better to actually point out the flaws in a surplus rather than try to dance to the oppositions tune?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Decent budget is decent. Though so was last years and they butchered it like cattle.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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What is the benefit of making a picture with random font sizes and s*** all over the place rather than just listing it in an easy to read format?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Labor will never deliver a Surplus.
Its not part of thier DNA.
I doubt there is anyone in this Thread who thinks Labor will ever deliver a surplus. Even HurricaneJim would have to admit it will never happen.

Labor was very different under Rudd, today they are are pathetic dragbag of factions out for each other and dont give a s*** about Australia.


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Brisbane, Queensland
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When will it be my turn for handouts :(
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I miss little Jonny
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Labor will never deliver a Surplus.
Its not part of thier DNA.
I doubt there is anyone in this Thread who thinks Labor will ever deliver a surplus. Even HurricaneJim would have to admit it will never happen.

Labor was very different under Rudd, today they are are pathetic dragbag of factions out for each other and dont give a s*** about Australia.


Once again you have no f*****g idea Faceman.

Labor delivered surpluses in '87, '88, '89 and '90.

Once again the facts throw the f***wit out of the pool.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
4791 posts
Labor will never deliver a Surplus.
Its not part of thier DNA.


Written and Authorised by Joe Hockey for the Liberal Party, Canberra
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Brisbane, Queensland
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The LNP must have been really really s*** in the past to have made so many jaded people. I wonder if they were even as bad as the current Labor atrocity and if my generation will (partially) grow to hate ALP as blindly as people like HJ hate the LNP.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5911 posts
Recent Headlines

•Bottle maker sheds 70 jobs January 20, 2012
•Thousands of bank jobs face axe: UBS January 16, 2012
•ANZ to slash hundreds of jobs January 13, 2012
•Jobs cut as strong dollar burns NSW smelters January 11, 2012
•Jobs go as Fletcher Jones tailors for buyer December 15, 2011
•Westpac to shed jobs as cost cutting bites November 9, 2011
•MF Global’s Aussie arm to close, 83 jobs lost November 21, 2011
•Toyota cuts 350 Altona jobs January 23, 2012
•BlueScope confirms 1000 jobs cut August 22, 2011
•Ford to shed 240 local jobs, cut production as demand slumps April 14, 2011
•Mortein-maker culls 190 manufacturing jobs February 1, 2012
•Telstra to shed 200 jobs in latest cuts January 31, 2012
•BHP gears down nickel mine, jobs lost February 1, 2012
•Strong dollar claims jobs at Holden February 2, 2012
•Westpac set to announce job cuts February 2, 2012
•Macquarie flags more job cuts February 7, 2012
•Hundreds of smelter jobs at risk February 8, 2012
•Suncorp to axe more workers: union February 8, 2012
•Qantas axes 500 jobs as profit slumps February 16, 2012
•60 jobs go as largest tomato grower crushed February 21, 2012
•OneSteel to cut 430 jobs as shares soar February 21, 2012
•Anzac biscuit maker crumbles, placing 170 jobs at risk March 1, 2012
•Westpac axes more jobs to bolster profit March 6, 2012
•Almost 600 people to lose jobs at WOW March 7, 2012
•IAG to axe 600 jobs over three years March 9, 2012
•Rising rents force job cuts at discount stores March 9, 2012
•Jobs to go in OneSteel plant closure March 15, 2012
•Electricity merger will cost 780 jobs March 19, 2012
•Optus poised to cut hundreds of jobs March 20, 2012
•Gearbox maker stands down 250 workers March 27, 2012
•Metcash cuts 478 jobs April 3, 2012
•BHP Billiton to close Norwich Park mine April 11, 2012
•130 jobs to go in federal law office April 12, 2012
•Optus cuts 750 jobs May 2, 2012
•Workers locked out, 600 jobs gone as 1st Fleet shut down May 3, 2012
•St George IT jobs on the line April 26, 2012
•More jobs on line as Macquarie cuts costs April 27, 2012
•Public service bracing for job cuts May 04, 2012
•At least 500 Vic TAFE jobs to go Wed May 2 2012
•Wine industry faces job cuts, ongoing grape glut May 03, 2012
•Budget to slash 40 jobs from Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to save $9m May 03, 2012
•Qld public sector fears massive job cuts Tue May 1 2012
•CBA cuts jobs in Melbourne May 7, 2012
•Murray Goulburn sheds 301 jobs after revamp May 10, 2012

But then again Domino’s is creating 1000 part time pizza delivery jobs
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Brisbane, Queensland
9640 posts
The real lawls here is that people think a government is surplus actually matters.

Congo had a 2.6 Billion USD surplus in 2008 (because no one can actually work out what happened in that tin pot s*** hole since then).

Or we could be like Norway (check out the taxes in Norway ... and the happiness index as well) they are pretty much kings of government surpluses.

So who has the worst 5 deficits ?
(ps. we aren't in the top 10)

"But that's not being compared against GDP !"
(ps. we aren't in the top 10)

"But that's not per capita !!!!"
(ps. we aren't in the top 10)

Australians need to start accepting that we have probably come out of the GFC better than 90% of countries.

Quick back to gay marriage and boat people!
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Brisbane, Queensland
12678 posts
We also need to learn from other developed countries and not piss all our non-boom sectors down the drain. When the mining boom ends, we better be well and truley part of the food boom.
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Give up obes half these dumbasses back their political parties like they back their favourite football teams. Its got nothing to do with real politics but more to do with who daddy backs.

For me id back the first polly thats comes along that didnt spend their entire day ripping up what their rival is doing and focused more on what they themselves intend to do thats positive. Bashing your rival is easy to do coming up with inventive ways of taking the country forward and then sellings them to the public isnt.

I have seen enough of the world to know that the vast majority of people b****ing about the condition of Australia need to pull their heads out of their asses. We have it extremely good here no matter how bad they'd like to believe it is. The only real b**** i have personally is the retarded cost of housing both to buy and rent and that really imho all most people should b**** about. If we get that under control we'd be set.

Anyway thats my two cents and yes i am aware thats all my opinion is worth. :-)
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Brisbane, Queensland
18719 posts
it's a surplus based on bogus assumptions and sleight of hand - so will never eventuate. Swan has however consolidated himself as the most retarded treasurer ever.
12:03am 11/05/12 Permalink
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Yeah I kind of agree with Taipan, I've been all over ze worlds. Australia has it pretty damn sweet, I'd say top 10%

And it defiitely faired the best out of the GFC - UK has been in varyings states of f*** since 2007, you wouldn't believe the level of jobs cuts. Also just look at Spain, Ireland, Greece, Italy, US, etc.

Having said that I do find the government in Australia pretty retarded.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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There are rumours that costello might be returning to politics. If that happens labor will go from buckleys chance to none come the next election.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
4795 posts
The media would absolutely love that scenario: "Lazarus with a quadruple bypass and five year flatline"
12:27am 11/05/12 Permalink
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Just a smoke and mirrors budget.

I have a mate who works in the health public service, he told me that moral is low because they have been making hard cuts. The worst thing is that the cuts they are making will be brought back next year.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1931 posts
5 billion in tax from fuel = annoyance.
05:38am 11/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2078 posts
Health = Cando making the cuts not Federal.
09:39am 11/05/12 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
7751 posts
No mention of the billions of dollars we are borrowing over the next few years to roll out some fibre. How they keep that new debt off the budget is the real dishonesty.
11:07am 11/05/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
11083 posts
the mindless pursuit of a surplus is ridiculous.

However, it wouldn't be so important if they didn't f***up so royally on their first 4 budgets.
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