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Best Passenger Ever :)
Brisbane, Queensland
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Full version:
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Last night this was uncensored on youtube :)

Video wasn't there long though.
03:48pm 09/11/11 Permalink
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cant believe she doesnt have a proper seatbelt on!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Saw this on worldcarfans :D
03:52pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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saw vid ages ago.
03:55pm 09/11/11 Permalink
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Last night this was uncensored on youtube :)

Video wasn't there long though.

you mean this one ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Here are some better ones:

^ Italian chic LOSES HER S***! Absolute gold :)
04:07pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
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havent seen it

looks kinda setup but I don't care. boobs are top notch

italian chic needs ejecting
04:37pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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yeah, not much of a set up that tit one.

can pave confirm chicks like that in his ricey?
05:06pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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big titties!
05:09pm 09/11/11 Permalink
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Nice boobies.

However obviously a setup, she doesn't have her seatbelt on properly because are supposed to be two straps over her shoulders.
07:57pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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theres a whole series of passenger reactions to a nice arab drift driver that are pretty funny on the yuotubes
07:58pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
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After so many years, there is finally a use for YouTube!
08:04pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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True story:

I went to one of those desperate and dateless nights at Dreamworld years ago and ended up getting seated next to this hot chick in a skimpy c***taill dress. While the G's on the way up pushed her flat, the lil glue thing that she wore on her tits wasn't up to the job and gave way - Trip back down was hilarious as they were all popped out an waving all jiggly like :P

Couldn't help but say afterwards to a very red faced hottie "Guess those dresses weren't designed for that speed huh?"
Also: Wasn't able to buy the obligatory photo from Dreamworld that gets taken on the ride :(
08:15pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
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Staged or not, that girl in the OP should do more of those videos, perhaps in a plane doing a barrel roll next time? ;)
08:23pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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i love those tits. drifting was ok but noticed the drive pull up on his erect penis instead of the handbrake thought that was unprofessional
08:25pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Oh, was the Tower of Terror

Stupid edit time fail....
08:28pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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You losers know you can just download porn, right?
08:33pm 09/11/11 Permalink
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but those titties are wild and untamed
09:15pm 09/11/11 Permalink
The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
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Still cant beat the original 'hot chick in drift car vid'.

Apparently in this vid if you look hard enough you can see a driver in the car.
09:26pm 09/11/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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nice work skitza, post a video that is 95% old mate talking to his mum (the lambo clip)
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