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car rego plates question
Brisbane, Queensland
6956 posts
sup naga's

my friend is giving me some personalised plates for free for my car that he used to have on his car

what is the procedure to getting them on my car? do i have to re-register and repay my rego for the new plates? or can i just take them into qld transport and say i wanna swap them over

any help appreciated thx xoxo
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Brisbane, Queensland
12098 posts
you just fill out a form and swap them in DoT. I did it for my customs.
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Forum Hero
Wynnum, Queensland
15860 posts
he sells the plates to you (the change over costs money at qt), then you can fit them to your car. there's no charges to swap cars they are on as far as i know, just to change owners.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3514 posts
what are the plates? 50GAY or IM GAY or mr poof?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3369 posts
Damo, surely you'd remember who you sold those plates to.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1920 posts
have to fill out a change of ownership form... had to do it when I bought my 350z with custom plates already on it,.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2053 posts
take old plates off
rock up to dot, hand old plates in
tell them you got new ones (dont need to take them in with you)

$0 cost and they just send a new sticker

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