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My new* car
Brisbane, Queensland
481 posts
Here's my new car, paid 8500 for it which IMO is a good deal.

Paid $330 for a stateroads check on it before purchase and it came back with just minor problems (what you would expect from a 1992 model).




Loving it.. i'm sure some of you remember your first turbo.

3 things that bother me though.

1. Low.
2. Might rockup to an empty park where my car should be one day.
3. Get used to getting pulled over by cops.

I am babying it so hard :>

*pics cos im a retard at embedding..



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Townsville, Queensland
8 posts
no good with images that don't work
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Brisbane, Queensland
11918 posts
ahah image bucket is angry...

also nice motor


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Brisbane, Queensland
2458 posts
haha oh jakey nice ride man, we will have to go for a cruise if my car is ever back on the road,

3. Get used to getting pulled over by cops.

take a tube of lube with you at all times... seriously

also CA or SR ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
9155 posts
1. it's not that low, pretty average really. ask maxe
2. atleast you won't have to worry about them stealing it because they like they colour

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Brisbane, Queensland
13597 posts
1. Low.

Thats not low. Go lower.

2. Might rockup to an empty park where my car should be one day.

Cars are s*** anyway.

3. Get used to getting pulled over by cops.

Never been pulled over without doing anything

Colour sucks, get some type X tailights, it will still suck

Not bad tho
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Brisbane, Queensland
1015 posts
you sound jealous
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Townsville, Queensland
9 posts
im getting a better car, 2door pajero B****EZ
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Melbourne, Victoria
361 posts
Coupe. The only way to make sure you are never the designated driver.

lol @ 2-door Pajero
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Townsville, Queensland
10 posts
what u laffing for FOOL. mega jealous
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Brisbane, Queensland
7857 posts
I like it, now don't drift it into a parked truck.
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Brisbane, Queensland
23871 posts
i like it, now do drift it into a parked truck
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Brisbane, Queensland
347 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
9160 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
1313 posts
Ugly car. Look forward to paying through your ass to keep it on the road.
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Sydney, New South Wales
561 posts
nice sil80

180sx representah!@



sold mine late last year after I decided I needed to get away from the constant modification budget blow outs
was s*** loads of fun though, don't regret it at all

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Brisbane, Queensland
3593 posts
hot s***! stick with standard taillights!
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Forum Hero
Wynnum, Queensland
15206 posts
f*** you stacked on the kilos didn't you teq?

man upsize, more like
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Brisbane, Queensland
13598 posts
Look forward to paying through your ass to keep it on the road.

its not so bad, just depends on the size of the ass you're paying through


edit; srsly tho that colour is fuuuuccckkkeeddd dude
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Brisbane, Queensland
936 posts
Not into cars, but I actually think the colour rocks
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111 posts
wow sick!

looks awesome dude. what mods are done to it? love the wheels. what ever you do learn to drive it at a skid pan or somthing before you try any street. I cant bare to see another nissan wrecked 4 parts.

also my 180 looks like a drift pig and i have only ever been pulled over by the cops when i was doing somthing wrong. Just behave and get an immobiliser and all will be sweet.

whats your plans for it? daily driver or drift or sprints, drags?
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Brisbane, Queensland
4347 posts
awesome dude, love sil80's. Best of both cars and better than the sum of the two imo
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Brisbane, Queensland
5348 posts
I dont mind the colour, wish I could afford a 3rd car, would like a s13 with a rb25 in it
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Brisbane, Queensland
13379 posts
That colour reminds me of the mandarin red gemini we had. F*** it was ugly.

ahah image bucket is angry...

Every time I try to view an image on image hack from here I have to refresh the page and also whenever I tried to access "my images" the page kept timing out. I gave up on image shanty a year or two ago & use photobucket now. GTH iamge crack,

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Brisbane, Queensland
3982 posts
CA or SR? Get some bling ass tail lights and a massive gt wing, will really set it off. Get rid of those ugly rims and put some big phat chromes on that s***.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13599 posts
Get some bling ass tail lights and a massive gt wing, will really set it off. Get rid of those ugly rims and put some big phat chromes on that s***

pretty much this

build the sil80 version of this thing






Sil80's are kinda gay tho, re-swap the front end with some other 180 guy and do the above then spend the rest of your days getting blowjobs from underage girls
07:53pm 13/01/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3983 posts
But those ones actually look good maxe... And s*** like that you just don't see.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13600 posts
not with that attitude
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113 posts
nah rock it simple. there are 2 rules. must be low and have good offset wheels.

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Brisbane, Queensland
482 posts
Engine is SR20 redtop (106 thousand k's on it) (but who knows, compression test came up good).

FMIC / Pod filter / turbo timer / new clutch / bov / air+fuel n boost gauges.

No boost controller and always run standard boost (this is what i liked about it)

The plan for now is my daily.. dont have to drive that far each day to work (finally got a job close to home). When i get back from overseas i'll start pouring some cash into it.

Wont be driving silly in it at all.. i'm speeding less than i did in the daewoo. Definatley would hit up a skid pan first though. Loving boost.

Yer maxe that 180 is nice but not that into 'show cars'. I plan on keeping this car for as long as i can and only really care about how it feels / drives. Not so much looks.

Didnt have much choice about the colour but i like it and its growing on me..

Cheers for comments! :>

ps. anyone reccomend a good place to get an immobaliser?

pss. nice 180's fellas!
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Brisbane, Queensland
3984 posts
Immobilisers are easy to fit. Gimme a day and $100 and I'll fit one. I am an auto electrician btw.
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Brisbane, Queensland
280 posts
I like the colour, it's not too bad. lots of potential.
11:02pm 13/01/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
109 posts
I like it!

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Brisbane, Queensland
3458 posts
looks sick jake :P now all u have to do is not crash it ;)

Gimme a day and $100 and I'll fit one with a secret switch so i can get into ur car.

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114 posts
4 stud? looks like you have coilovers also. This friday i think is a friday night drift prack at Queensland raceway. You should come out and have a look at what goes on. $10 to get in the gate.
07:42pm 14/01/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3985 posts
Now thats an awesome idea Scoobs why didn't I think of that...
08:25pm 14/01/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3027 posts
I gave up on image shanty a year or two ago & use photobucket now
TinyPic and BayImg are other good alternatives.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1908 posts
Hahaha he called it a show car

the only nissan that can be put on show is a 120y


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Brisbane, Queensland
484 posts
Yeah avalon i will definatley check out one of those nights.. not this week though. Keen to see what people are doing :>

How much $ to get on the skidpan at QR?

Not sure about the suspension.. all i know its 'custom' and the wheels are on a camber.
12:05am 15/01/09 Permalink
115 posts
its $50 on the qr skid pan. + $10 to get in the gate and i think $50 for a year aasa licence or $20 for a day. its not cheep. you'll find on the skid pan you wont wear your tyres out. but on track in the dry you'll need $80 and spare sets of rubber.
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