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free old motorcycle mags
Brisbane, Queensland
1540 posts
I know there's quite a few riders on here: I have about 60 old AMCNs to give away ranging mainly from 99 to 2002 so a lot of stuff on Doohan and Rossi, 500s/motogp. PM me if you want them.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13285 posts
haha I was expecting motorcycle wheels like mag wheels. Deceptive thread title.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1617 posts
reasonable condition?
10:59pm 29/12/08 Permalink
2934 posts
it's for free ffs.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3118 posts
Well if they are in s*** condition, then basically he is asking for someone to take his garbage away, so its a fair question.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13561 posts
i would like to see scans of these magazines to see if they're worth me driving all the way to wherever you keep your magazines
07:43am 30/12/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3925 posts
hrm i'd sorta be interested just to scan out the fred gassits in case i'm missing any :P i collected amcns from around 1982 to 1996 but threw m all out a while back after first scanning all the gassiits outta them :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
3974 posts
On the topic of free mags I've got a big box of atomic mpc and pcpowerplay mags if anyone wants to take them away. Think I have all the cds for them somewhere too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1541 posts
They're pretty much in perfect condition - when I read books/magazines I don't bend the s*** out of them etc - except for a couple real early ones I picked up for free.

Demon - when I found the mags I was deciding whether to throw them out or not because of the Gassits then I did a search for Gassit online and I saw a qgl hosted one - yours!! hahah

Anyway, Phooks was first in. Maybe I could pass em on to you first Demon if you only want to scan 1 page...
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1118 posts
I'm cool with that. :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
23800 posts
haha, i used to love gassits!!!! hadnt thought of them for years;

will work my way through that page for lols
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Brisbane, Queensland
3926 posts
thx for the offer but i just checked n sure enough i still have a pile of cut-out gassit pages still to be scanned :p & seeing as they've been sitting there for the past 10ish years i don't think i'm about to do them anytime soon. i live to procrastinate. :D

so phooks if you think you are gonna throw them out one day... scan the gassits first! ;]
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