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Guardians of the Galaxy
Sydney, New South Wales
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This movie is out at the cinemas now (in advanced screenings stage) - I saw it last night!

I liked it a lot. I think it's definitely up there as comic book movies go, but I didn't think it was flawless. Definitely worth watching, and they did a good job of injecting a lot of spectacle in it. Who else has seen it, and what did you think?
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AGN Admin
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I thought it was great. Lots of fun, more 'adult' content than most other Marvel comic series. I knew nothing about the lore so for me it was just a fun sci-fi action/comedy that loosely tied in to the Marvel universe. Characters were a lot of fun; maybe the bad guys were slightly over the top exaggerated but it was a thoroughly enjoyable romp.
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AusGamers Editor
Brisbane, Queensland
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Going to go see it in gold class tonight, pampering time!
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Brisbane, Queensland
11210 posts
Whats the verdict on Hercules ?
Was gonna take the old man to the movies this week.
Hes a bit of a fan of The Rock.

I think Gaurdians might be a bit overwhelming for him.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Does your dad like the Resevoir Dogs soundtrack? Because GotG has basically that. It has a lot of action, but not the shaky cam transformers bulls*** action -- it's focused and solid so you can keep track of what's happening.

Dunno about Hercules. The Rock is in it so it can't be that bad.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7272 posts

The Rock is in it so it can't be that bad.
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AusGamers Editor
Brisbane, Queensland
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Hercules looks hilariously bad but awesome. And it has The Rock.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Saw Hercules on Friday night, its a fun movie and watching The Rock lay the smack down is always entertaining, but I saw Guardians tonight and that just beats it hands down. If you have to choose only one, go see Guardians.

Great movie, I'm kind of in the same boat as trog, I don't read a lot of Marvel stuff and have never read any at all of the space stuff with the Nova Corps and the Guardians and the Kree and all that jazz, but I still absolutely loved it. All the characters were great and bounced off each other really well, and it managed to pull off the same thing the Avengers did where even though its an ensemble kind of deal, every character still gets their own awesome moments. Even Drax, who I was expecting to be the least interesting and just be the generic action movie lay-the-smack-down kind of character, ended up being one of the best and having some of the best lines.

A friend of mine who is big into Marvel told me its chock full of easter eggs and references, so I probably missed all that, not knowing the source material, but I don't feel like it even mattered. It was still a great movie even not knowing anything about the characters or the setting going in.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7273 posts
The exception that proves the rule
Nah, there's also Doom.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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kick ass retrospective released by marvel. thanos looks bad ass.

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AusGamers Editor
Brisbane, Queensland
12931 posts
Okay, this was awesome.

So, that trailer above pretty much confirms my thoughts, in that Guardians and Avengers will join forces. That will be pretty damn cool. Comic book fans are getting some really sweet movies of late, and hopefully DC jumping in means even more fantastic movies.
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Other International
2479 posts
I thought GoG looked s*** from the trailer... it's rocking a 92% on RT though, and strong praise form you chaps, I'll go check it out.

I'm not big on the comics or source material either, but I am loving all these comic movies, they are great.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21889 posts
I can't see the Guardians and the Avengers all being in one movie, that'd be a clusterf***. Juggling five characters and giving them all their own time to shine is tricky enough, without adding another 8 or 9 from the Avengers. I reckon we'll see the Guardians dealing with the space side of things, and the Avengers dealing with s*** on Earth. Did see a rumour though about Hulk being shot off into space as part of Avengers 2 though, and ending up in a Guardians movie, so there might be some crossover like that.

I'm imagining it like when they do a big comic book event, and you have the main story, but then a bunch of other titles all have their tie-in issues that show what those characters are doing during the event and how they're dealing with the specific bits of it they're involved in. Would be cool if when all the Thanos and Infinity stone stuff came to a head, if they did it like that. So like all the movies in phase 3 (or phase 4 maybe, if they're still building it) would all be part of one big 'Infinity' storyline, and we see the Avengers dealing with the fallout on Earth and the Guardians doing stuff in space, and Dr Strange dealing with the arcane side of it, etc. Rather than trying to mash every character together into one movie.
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Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
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Okay so this movie was suppose to have started on the 1st of August, but it's not being listed as showing at Event cinemas (in Brisbane) until Thursday. Was it just an advance screening on the 1st or what??
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Friday Saturday and Sunday had advanced screenings and now it won't show until Thursday.
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AusGamers Dev
Brisbane, Queensland
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So yeah it was back in Cinemas today and I went and saw it.

While it's not "the best" movie I've ever seen, I would have to say I think it's probably the "most entertaining" movie I've ever seen. I regretfully say that since I'm afraid it might cause some people to go in with unreasonably high expectations about the movie.

For an action/comic book movie, it was really funny at times and had everyone in the cinema laughing out loud. The characters are top notch and are all played/animated amazingly.

I felt the movie was really well paced and every scene was entertaining, so much that it very much kept me focused on what was happening rather than trying to figure out what was going to happen next. That's probably a good thing since the storyline is not the movie's strong point and is mostly quite predictable which is not uncommon for a movie based off of a Comic.

If you're not sure if you want to see it, if you've watched any of the other Marvel movies (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, or even X-Men) and enjoyed it/them then you MUST go and see Guardians of the Galaxy.

By the time you're able to watch GotG at home the internet will be filled with spoilers that could potentially ruin some of your initial enjoyment of the movie.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Old mans been sick so I didnt go to the movies with him :(

Well if you like these kinds of movies get set for a lot more of them...

While a mere three superhero titles are slated for release in 2015, six more comic-book movies will open in 2016, seven in 2017, and another six in 2018. Many remain unnamed but, according to The Hollywood Reporter, "The sudden craze to fill the calendar is fuelled by an unprecedented arms race among superhero empires."
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Sorry, I came in late, have just recently joined ausgamer but couldn’t resist giving my two cents worth of opinion, it’s the Guardian you’re talking about and I think it’s a real beaut, and I love it! Visuals were just great and had lots of laughs too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hercules was actually really good. Just as good as 300.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Does anyone ever check their seat before they sit down at the Cinemas ?
A NIGHT at the movies turned into a nightmare after group of friends realised they were sitting in filth.

Movie-goer Aaron Parnell, his partner and two friends were horrified when they noticed their seats at Event Cinemas Mt Gravatt were covered in brown stains and grime.

The group didn’t notice until after they had finished their two and a half hour movie.

Mr Parnell said the sight had made him feel “sick to the point of throwing up”.

“There was dust and grime all over the handles and wet patches,” he said.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Serves him right for being slack and running late and getting there when the lights were already off
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2350 posts
True I always like to get there on time to watch the previews and i always check my seat before sitting down, but the cinema should of placed signs on with a warning do not use

I go to reading cinemas now, much nicer than event and they use a leather material which is easy to see if it is or isn't clean.
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Just saw GotG tonight on IMAX and loved it, it was all round just a fun movie and gave me a bunch of chuckles. There were a few scenes that i thought were about the best use of 3D i have seen yet though i am sure the fact it was in IMAX helped out a bit in that regard.

Cant wait for more.
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