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Dexter finale. What did you think?
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
21544 posts
I was a little disappointed with how they ended it. I don't think Dexter should have faked his death and left Harrison with Hannah. And also how he just strolled out of the hospital with Deb's dead body was kinda dumb as well. He at least could have let her have a proper burial.

I have no problem with Deb's death but I think Dexter should have met back up with Hannah. hmmm
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Brisbane, Queensland
20585 posts
I enjoyed it, liked seeing Dexter go stone cold in the interview room. Quinn must know by now he's a monster.

Deb dieing was sad. Like f***ed up sad. And I thought for a minute Dexter might just jump overboard. I like how the left everything running.

Would be great to have an Epilogue movie.
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Brisbane, Queensland
141 posts
It was such a joke of an ending.

Dexter didn't go stone cold, he defended his actions, which I thought was very uncharacteristic considering the person who meant the most to him just died thanks to that f***. I think he should have let loose in a fit of rage, instead of it being premeditated and defending it, his secret should have been revealed.

To me the writers were too pussy to do things the right way and wrap the series up properly (as in, they realise there's no more episodes right? Dexter is and forever will be a lumberjack.) Dexter should have died/been discovered, one way or another. This is a show about a serial killer for f*** sake.

Deb dying was dumb because they killed her with a f*****g blood clot of all things.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8347 posts
Made me feel sad on a personal level as it got me thinking about my mate who died in July who never got to see the end of it (amongst sooo many other things).

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Brisbane, Queensland
4996 posts
Infi has to be a troll.

I enjoyed it, liked seeing Dexter go stone cold in the interview room. Quinn must know by now he's a monster.
The interview room scene was the only good part, although i don't think Quinn knew he was a monster, just thought he stepped up and did what had to be done... probably made Quinn think he was more "normal" than before, as iirc Quinns original problem with Dexter was Dexter saw Quinn taking some money and just didn't give a f***, whereas Quinn expected either Dexter to turn him in, take a piece, or hold it over him.

Rest of the season and episode pretty "meh", ok i get Deb was dexters final victim (hence the dumping) but still a bit of a silly way to go and the whole walk out of hospital thingy.

Oh and "is dexter really dead?!?!?" black fades out, nope he is a lumberjack and he's ok.

I think Dexter meeting up with hannah and living happily ever after would have rang pretty hollow as well.. maybe if the rest of the season was written differently it might have worked, but that's the thing with the final season it didn't really build up to anything or go anywhere.
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115 posts
I like the idea of the show but i couldn't get into it. Nothing wrong with it, i would watch it and enjoy it when nothing else was on, just couldn't get into it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10733 posts
I loved the first two series.
Then I dunno it became a chore to watch.
I saw it off and on and it was never terrible but, I think it should have ended earlier.
I wonder whats next for that Actor ?
Maybe a role that doesn't revolve around dead people ?

Any Spartacus fans ?
My old man is really pissed about the ending of that show.
he rarely watches TV series unless it has lots of sex. lol
yes he watches SBS World Movies.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10570 posts
shamelessly stolen from elsewhere but perfectly sums up how I felt watching it:

How are we supposed to believe any of this is logical? I can forgive the writers for a lot, but this is all ridiculous.

Writers: "Deb is going to make a full recovery.... SIKE! The doctor didn't give her any blood thinners so she died from a clot. Whoops. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ "

Dexter: "Better go kill Deb since the writers lazily did a cheap bait-and-switch and sucker punched the audience into thinking she'd be okay! I'll just roll her out to the curb past this huge line of people. Don't mind me everyone! Just wheeling this body out the door.. Hello security cameras! Glad no one is stopping me... s***, they aren't even paying any attention at all. Pretty big cry from earlier where Miami Metro made their very first arrest ever because there were guards galore outside her door!"

Batista: "Dexter, YOU KILLED SAXON WITH A BALL POINT PEN? That's incredible. I'm a burly lieutenant and I wouldn't have thought to do that! I thought you were a lab geek! Damn, look at that f*****g stabbing motion, dude! It's like you're a trained killer. And damn, you're shredded, I never noticed until I saw you just.. f*****g give it to him! We don't need your report or anything though, you're good to go man. That was kind of weird how you just calmly stared at him then did a little jig before you pressed the button. Hey, you want that wound disinfected before you leave? I mean.. he got you pretty deep with that pen."

Hannah: "Now that I've stabbed you with this syringe, Elway, let me LOUDLY ANNOUNCE TO EVERYONE THAT I JUST STABBED YOU AND YOU ARE HAVING TOUBLE BREATHING. Speaking of syringes, I'm not really sure why Dexter put these in this bag... I don't really use them for anything. When I kill people it's via food. Anyway, I could be whispering right now, just like characters have done at least once before in this episode, but I'd prefer to talk at a normal register."

Hannah 2: "My face has been all over the news and a huge bounty is on my head! I could apply my makeup differently today and change the way I look, but I'll be damned if I show up in public with a wig, contacts that change my eye color, an outfit wildly different than what I wear, or even a ball cap and sunglasses."

Saxon: "S***! I don't really care for Deb, so I'm going to throw my f*****g life away so I can kill her when I clearly wasn't that motivated to kill her before. If I was, I would've double tapped her before fleeing the scene. One in the chest, one in the gut, maybe a third in the head. That'd do it - if I cared about killing her. Which clearly I didn't, as there was no threat around me and I didn't shoot her. But now, I'm on a suicide mission to kill her for no apparent reason. She's so mildly annoying! Sister of Dexter Morgan - I bet this will really tick him off if she dies!"

I have stuck up for the writers for a lot prior to this episode. The backwards hacking s*** was excusable, as I've now accepted Dexter as a master computer hacker - so potentially, he could obtain the IP address of the computer that installed the spyware, find out who it belongs to, sneak into the house, and get the s*** on the hacker's computer that way - though that'd take weeks, so the show writers speed it up into a few seconds with a fallacy about spyware being two ways. That's ok! I can get that. But as you can see above, the number of illogical s*** that happened is just outrageous. And I promise you, it's only scratching the surface.

You know what was the best acting in the episode? The guy that got his tongue cut out. What a roller coaster of emotions he put me through.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4997 posts
The Batista thing can easily be explained by it only happening for 5 minutes, it hadnt had time to sink in, and he was still in shock from Debs death, it seemed to me like his reaction could have been a point for him to start thinking differently about dexter.. but for him to be thinking "oh right Dexter is the bay harbour butcher" is a stretch. (especially in the 10 minutes left in the episode). And both him and Quinn knew Dexter did it on purpose, there is no ambiguity about that at all... just the extent of what else was going on they had no idea about.

And the saxon bit, he was shot at the time, he didn't know how bad he got Deb, he also said he would go after everyone to Dexter.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2472 posts
I also was disappointed. Maybe it's a setup for a movie or something but it reminded me of the sopranos ending. Just plain boring.
Compare that to Breaking bad last season it is just a let down and they really could have so much more.
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13320 posts
what faceman said pretty much

as the ending was coming up I thought he might drive one of his knives through his own heart or something, then it looked like he just killed himself by steering his boat into the storm

nek minnit he's alive and well?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3283 posts
The final season and the finale were terribad. Should never have really existed IMO. Finale was a massive letdown.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18807 posts
I watched the first couple of seasons but lost interest

Can someone give me key points for the ending?

Why did dexter kill deb?
06:42am 26/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8348 posts
Well f***, cause she f*****g swore too f*****g much, f***. Anyone could have f*****g seen f*****g that.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1770 posts
Batista: "Dexter, YOU KILLED SAXON WITH A BALL POINT PEN? That's incredible. I'm a burly lieutenant and I wouldn't have thought to do that! I thought you were a lab geek! Damn, look at that f*****g stabbing motion, dude! It's like you're a trained killer.

He's a blood splatter analyst. He should know 101 ways of stabbing an artery.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7869 posts
It was a s*** ending such a half arsed effort really, it would've been better if they just end it when rode into the storm and show Hanna and his kid perhaps at the end.

Then again, it should've ended after s2 after Dokes died.

I sure hope Breaking Bad ending isn't this wussy.
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Brisbane, Queensland
607 posts
Terrible. So many stupid holes in the story. A few that I haven't seen mentioned...

Dexter planting a suspicious bag in the airport to get rid of Elway... security doesn't bother to check the camera footage to see who actually planted it there? Then Dexter comes out of the airport and his car is conveniently parked there... who leaves a car at the airport when you're leaving the country for good?

Why did Elway stay on the bus with Hannah? She's a fkn fugitive... all he had to do to get his reward was call the cops and say she's on that bus. They'd pull it over and arrest her and he takes his phat loot. Why were they taking a bus anyway? Dexter can't drive now?

How does Dexter drive his boat into a hurricane and manage to survive? We saw what happened to the boat.

Why is there a hospital built directly next to the ocean in a place where hurricanes are the norm?

Ehh too much stupid to list
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Brisbane, Queensland
10520 posts
shoulda ended it after the season with john lithgow. that was the tits
12:28pm 26/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3041 posts
The entire season was ridiculously bad. I watched every episode, but hated myself for it - just wanted to see it through to the end.

Best part was a few episodes ago when, using the magic of computers, Dexter managed to match child and current photos of Saxon. Brilliant.
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Melbourne, Victoria
8149 posts
I'm still part way through season 5. It's already gone in to a nosedive, and I hear seasons 6 is bad, 7 is comical, and 8 is a trainwreck per epidose.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10735 posts
06:25pm 26/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7449 posts
yep, stopped watching a few episodes into season 3 when he started acting completely out of line with his character description. S***** plot after s***** plot from that point on.
06:43pm 26/09/13 Permalink
Albury/Wodonga, Victoria
1 posts
it was pretty bad. the entire season 8 was just disgustingly badly written.

Why introduce Masuka's daughter?
Laguerta's death basically pointless, Angel didn't follow up on her dexter suspicions?
Hannah McKay running around miami without changing her appearance?
The Brain Surgeon was a moron.

After 8 years Miami Metro never catches up with dex or finds out who he really is, i wanted to see him exposed, go on the run and outsmart them then get busted and executed. Instead he's a lumberjack. sweet.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4998 posts
Why is there a hospital built directly next to the ocean in a place where hurricanes are the norm?
Hey, google maps, Miami.
Ehh too much stupid to list
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5175 posts
This season should of been about Dexter trying to stay hidden and avoiding being captured. It's a show about a brutal serial killer so you can't let him have a happy ending. Killing Deb off I was ok with, but if you're going to do something that major, then you sure as hell needed Dexter to act accordingly. I thought when Dexter walked into the cell that he was going to pull out one of his knives and just tear saxton apart right then and there and finally get caught while covered in blood. That change would of made me happy. He finally loses any notion of self preservation and just wants brutal revenge on the guy who killed his sister essentially and gets caught as a result and put on death row.

But instead we got the next best thing which is apparantly he becomes a f*****g lumberjack...
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Brisbane, Queensland
10736 posts
Doakes was the best character and they killed him off.

11:49am 27/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
152 posts
yeh mega pissed bout the ending, me and the missus was just looking at each other wtf? so many better ways they could of done it.... "i'm a lumberjack and i'm ok, I kill at night and work all day! lol die with deb, fade to black, or go off into the storm and stay there !
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1639 posts
I loved the first two series.

Pretty much spot on.
I don't know about 'chore to watch', but the show really didn't get any better than Season 1 IMO.

Some of the villains were pretty amazing (certainly enough to hold your attention). I don't think it was too hard to see why Breaking Bad wrapped up the Emmy's as well as it did.

Here's hoping Michael C Hall manages to get (well) written into other TV shows and/or movies, all I could see in 'Gamer' was a dweeby Dexter.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7641 posts
This pretty much sums up the season:

07:54pm 27/09/13 Permalink
6377 posts
^ lol that was so bad it gave me cancer
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Brisbane, Queensland
4072 posts
Nice post Ek, made me lol.

He's a blood splatter analyst. He should know 101 ways of stabbing an artery.

Knowing how and doing so are 2 different things bro.

Best part was a few episodes ago when, using the magic of computers, Dexter managed to match child and current photos of Saxon. Brilliant.

Yes, that was a highlight.

That vid parabol posted - the moment harrison was first told to stay off the treadmill i thought it would cause an accident later on and sure enough, yep. And as previously mentioned, Hannah never changed her appearance. I mean at least dye your f*****g hair.

The Masuka daughter thing was strange. Was sure something would happen there but nope.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1538 posts
I would of rather they just finish the show finding his wreckage, I mean is he back to killing as a lumberjack or just a loner living out his life at least go find your son ffs.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4074 posts
^Didnt his 'urges' decrease only because of hannah. No hannah = overwhelming urge to kill. Thats another reason why i thought the lumberjack thing was stupid.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6252 posts
This is how I am going to pretend it happened, better than what actually aired
08:54am 28/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3299 posts
so ah, that's a wrap like bad boy bubby and his only friend?

film noir
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Brisbane, Queensland
3398 posts
All in all, need to remember the show for what it was. A bad ass character who killed some bad ass villians. The highlight for me was definitely John Lithgow's season (4?). After i watched the ending and saw dexters wife get offed, i actually had trouble sleeping that night. Epic ending to a season. For me the show went downhill from there.

All they had to do was steer dexter into a more destructive path resulting in his own capture or death. Instead they let him get away. F**** me why they decided on this. Audiences these days want the big endings. They aren't scared to see there main characters die anymore. Why the writers did not acknowledge this? I have no idea.
10:06am 28/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3301 posts
dexter's a good guy, he just has a few bones to pick and likes to bury the hatchet every now and again
09:17pm 28/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4512 posts
How f*****g hot is Hannah though? Loved her in Chuck and she looked mighty hot in Dex.

Lithgow was definitely the best character of the whole series.

Shiity ending.
10:50pm 28/09/13 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
1539 posts
This is how I am going to pretend it happened, better than what actually aired

+1 how it should of gone down, this is like GoT bringing back Robb Stark and saying 'lol jk he is a lumberjack now'
02:27am 29/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
36567 posts
decided im not even going to bother watching the rest of this season.

dexter had been in steady decline for a few seasons, showed a glimmer of hope at the start of this season that it mite not suck, but that was snuffed out pretty quick.

disappointing end to what was some pretty good tv when it started.

first 3 series were awesome.
05:31pm 01/10/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4517 posts
decided im not even going to bother watching the rest of this season.

You'll miss seeing Hannah in sexy short summer dresses
06:22pm 01/10/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
36568 posts
i seen that already.

do i get to see her boobs? no.
06:59pm 01/10/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3042 posts
Kinda - there's a bit of side action in one fairly full on sex scene
11:30pm 01/10/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
36569 posts
i already seen that last series bro
11:37pm 01/10/13 Permalink
78 posts
It's worth watching Spook. Not as bad as everybody makes out imo, it's just that we have shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones that are of such a high calibre that Dexter falls flat by comparison.

The show has had flimsy plot issues since day one, but it's only now that people get a last season with lacklustre writing and an unsatisfying ending that they're like "omg plot holes!".

The Deb thing was silly, but he felt like she was his victim yadda yadda cue boat drop. He gave up his son, best thing for the kid, he's a serial killer and a psychopath. It should have ended with him heading into the storm, but at least with the lumberjack thing we got a final shot of the dark passenger returning. Disappointing, but not terrible, and certainly not worth the ire that it's received.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4227 posts
Yeah it sucked and was predictable. Also, it sucked.
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