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Clear History (Larry David movie)
Brisbane, Queensland
11459 posts
Will premiere on HBO in one week.

A disgraced former marketing executive plots revenge against his former boss who made millions from the electric car company he once owned.

Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, Michael Keaton, Danny McBride, JB Smoove, Bill Hader, Jon Hamm

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Brisbane, Queensland
2396 posts
Thanks for the heads up. Will watch Larry David with hair.
03:45pm 02/08/13 Permalink
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
21458 posts
Awesome. Been hanging out for some more Larry David action.
03:53pm 02/08/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1776 posts
looks pretttaaaaaay preetttaaaaaaay pretty good.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3140 posts
Jonn Hamm is where i started watching. no homo, just because of how good Mad Men is.

is the bigfoot wookie from Curb Your Enthusiasm?
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Brisbane, Queensland
20255 posts
Larry David is the best!
08:47am 04/08/13 Permalink
Gippsland, Victoria
1999 posts
Larry David is the best!
11:53am 04/08/13 Permalink
33 posts
Why didn't they just call it " Curb Your Enthusiasm. The movie"?
But i like Larry David so it should be alright.
02:00pm 15/08/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2401 posts
No, it's not alright.
From the other thread:
Pretty, pretty, pretty bad.
A reliable source tells me that this movie is most disappointing. This source is a fan of Larry David's work, but says this movie lacks any pace or engaging narrative. Without wanting to spoil the movie, they say, rest assured that even with a respectable supporting cast, David's tale of revenge and high farce is about as fresh as yesterday's soggy omelette.
It's a rambling, directionless, boring piece of tripe apparently, with very little payoff despite a long and tedious setup and tacked on ending that left the source feeling like they wasted their time persevering with the movie in the first place.
The novelty, they say, of a hirsute Larry David is pretty much over and done with by the time the trailer is over, but this "joke" is trotted out a couple more times. Ok we get it.
It's just not funny.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
37223 posts
The trailer sort of looks like it's Larry David from Curb just being Larry David, except with a beard.

I am just about to finish watching S8 of Curb (never got around it for some reason) and I am enjoying the s*** out of it, when I'm not cringing in utter horror
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Brisbane, Queensland
2402 posts
Yeah it's Larry David being Larry David and there's the usual LD moments (smudge, teethcheck, cutlery issues etc) but it's just lost in the silliness and ultimately lame plot.
Hader for instance (who I quite like) has nothing to do, it's just bland writing so not his fault, but he is terribly underused as one example.
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