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Trailer: The Three Stooges (Movie)
Gold Coast, Queensland
39 posts

So what's the verdict?

1. They're going to ruin my childhood!
2. This is going to be brilliant, can't wait!!!

The casting seems pretty good, jokes are true to the original, too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
19630 posts
I wouldn't go see it at the cinema but I'll prolly end up watching it. Looks like it could be funny.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
35366 posts
That looks pretty funny.. if we imagine it back before these new fangled talkies
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Looks awesome! :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
8634 posts
Looks alright aye, eye-phone lol
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Brisbane, Queensland
4744 posts
Why is Snooki there...
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Brisbane, Queensland
1933 posts
Because market research shows fans of Snooki will be all aww she's in a movie, cash in, or people who hate Snooki are all take that finger to the eye motherf*****, cash in so they win either way cash in.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1647 posts
Wow. That looks terrible.
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Brisbane, Queensland
261 posts
Lol, how so Sparrow!

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Brisbane, Queensland
6940 posts
If i wanted to watch a clown act i'd go to the circus.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5128 posts
It's worse than how I imagine a clown would be, which is admittedly not very good to start with.
02:27pm 04/01/12 Permalink
4140 posts
I wouldn't go see it at the cinema but I'll prolly end up watching it. Looks like it could be funny.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8636 posts
Do not underestimate clowning, it is a powerful performance art form.

Two most famous clowns today (IMO) :



These guys are professionally trained clowns, and no doubt they are stooge fans too.

So if you like Jackass, or Penn & Teller, and you diss clowns... f*** you.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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I don't think Penn & Teller can really be classified as clowns, more like Magicians or Illusionists.
03:42pm 04/01/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8637 posts
Penn is a juggler, and he identifies as such.

Penn is a professionally trained clown with Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey The Greatest Show On Earth. It's like the army for clowns, it shapes a person for life. He talks about it frequently, and it is the basis of his performance style every single night, the way he moves, the way he speaks, and probably affects how he acts in day to day life.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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The more you know!
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Brisbane, Queensland
6908 posts
Looks surprisingly less s*** than I thought it would be in this day and age. I haven't seen much Three Stooges but it looked fairly faithful to the slapstick style.

Damn that pool chick is fine.
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1189 posts
Damn that pool chick is fine.

Kate Upton


This one maybe nsfw. You don't see anything but you never know what someone may complain about.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4634 posts
1. They're going to ruin my childhood!
Jesus how f*****g old are you
05:28pm 04/01/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5741 posts

i think those titties are real!
07:15pm 04/01/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
142 posts
lol at this youtube comment:

"oh ho ho, lord, this just makes me want to see a Casablanca remake with Taylor Lautner and Amanda Bines"
07:18pm 04/01/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3987 posts
yeah, might be worth it for the tits alone
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