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Unlimited Music streaming from JB Hi-Fi
Gold Coast, Queensland
45 posts
JB HI-FI "Now" allows you to listen to unlimited music streaming for as little as $6.67 per month!
I've heard rumours they will have an $80 annual subscription aswell.
Mobile phone apps will be available early 2012!

Its good to see a retailer fighting back from online pricing and itunes ect, will it take off? There are a few online music streaming sites available, JB Hi-Fi Now is limited to Australia only where some others are world wide and slightly cheaper but I've been given a look at the beta site and it looks nice and easy to use, music is good quality, cant wait for the release and the mobile apps!

JB Hi-Fi "Now" Video


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Gold Coast, Queensland
815 posts
Nah I prefer to own my music.
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Melbourne, Victoria
11687 posts
I've heard rumours they will have an $80 annual subscription aswell.

Sweet! That's a 4-cent saving!! I'm going to hold out for that.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12105 posts
Pinky's math checks out
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Brisbane, Queensland
6637 posts
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
35235 posts
Interesting. I will be keen to check it out but it will depend what labels are on board and what sort of back catalogue they have.
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921 posts
Using the Beta right now, it's pretty amazing, HUGE music library. HUGE!
09:17am 08/12/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3875 posts
Will definitely check it out if they get an Android app that doesn't suck
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Melbourne, Victoria
440 posts
Nah I prefer to own my music.

So do I ... but having it on mobile would be awesome. wouldn't have to worry about having my ipod on me or only having a limited amount of songs on my phone. Tried out the zune pass trial and absolutely loved it.
wouldn't be a bad place holder until google music gets released in australia and then I can just upload my music.
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