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Star Wars: Episode One 3d date announced
Gippsland, Victoria
691 posts
Well we have a release date for Star Wars: Episode 1. Feb 10 2012.

I don't think I'll be going to see it. Something about having to endure Jar Jar for 2hours in 3d makes me vomit a little in the back of my throat.
09:43am 05/03/11 Permalink
09:43am 05/03/11 Permalink
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
18264 posts
There's no way I'll be giving Lucas any money for those s*** prequels.
09:47am 05/03/11 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
9018 posts
Do. Not. Want.
10:37am 05/03/11 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
5089 posts
Aw f*** yea, Jar Jar in 3D! I can't wait!
10:44am 05/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7336 posts
I'll probably see it.
10:47am 05/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
270 posts
I felt like watching all the star wars movies front to back the other week. 15 mins into episode 1 was all it took for me to say "screw this" and head straight to episode 4.
10:55am 05/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1685 posts
Yousa canna watch in 3Deee-a
03:34pm 05/03/11 Permalink
Toowoomba, Queensland
21 posts
Yousa canna watch in 3Deee-a

04:07pm 05/03/11 Permalink
Hobart, Tasmania
3032 posts
Can't. f*****g. wait.

Blu-rays in September, TPM in feb... Awesome.
09:10pm 05/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1201 posts
awesome retirement plan/fund for uncle george
09:41pm 05/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
542 posts
Or funding plan for episodes 7,8,9...
09:47pm 05/03/11 Permalink
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
19442 posts
Star Wars is overrated IMO
09:51pm 05/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2114 posts

f*** that.
10:45pm 05/03/11 Permalink
1320 posts
its like sprinkling salt on a s*** sandwich
11:51pm 05/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6140 posts
04:59pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2936 posts
Good on ya Lucas, keep beating that dead horse as long as the millions keep rolling in.

Other directors go on to do different things and explore new ideas, but if the mess you and Spielberg made of the last Indiana Jones installment is any indication it's probably a good thing you're still obsessed on fiddling with the Star Wars hexalogy.
06:04pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6348 posts
I won't be wasting my money on this.

Has George Lucas said anything about working on a new intellectual property? I can't see it happening.
06:27pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2504 posts
keep beating that dead horse

I think the horse has long sense stopped being a corpse and is now a gooey red paste that is mushed into the ground. Obviously the reason the last 3 movies failed is because they weren't in 3D. Also 2012, maybe this is what causes the apocolypse?
06:48pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Gippsland, Victoria
697 posts
Lucas has hinted in the past that he will release future, more definitive editions of the six Star Wars films on a next-generation home-video format.[61][62] There have been discussions that he will take this opportunity to make any final adjustments, changes, additions, and/or subtractions to his films for this final release. An altered clip from The Phantom Menace included in a featurette on the DVD release of Revenge of the Sith features a computer generated Yoda replacing the original puppet; animation director Rob Coleman stated that the clip had been created as test footage of Yoda prior to work on Revenge of the Sith.[63] Lucasfilm Vice President of Marketing Jim Ward announced that Lucasfilm is likely to do more work on the films, stating "As the technology evolves and we get into a high-definition platform that is easily consumable by our customers, the situation is much better, but there will always be work to be done."[64] At Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo 2010, Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm's Director of Fan Relations, revealed that "a very full set of all six movies on Blu-ray with lots of extra material" is being prepared for release.[65] On August 14, 2010, George Lucas announced that all six Star Wars films will be released on Blu-ray Disc in the Fall of 2011.[66] On January 6, 2011, Lucasfilm announced the release of the Star Wars saga on Blu-ray for September 2011.[67]

*dies a little on the inside*

WHY CANT HE LEAVE THEM ALONE!?! Seems to me he's going to f*** around with the original trilogy some more.
07:47pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
43 posts
You know what I do when I think of lucas? Watch redlettermedia's reviews. It takes all of my chaotic criticism, adds wit, organises it and speaks it back to me.
09:02pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5094 posts
Wasn't he the one that said the end of the world is going be in 2012? how will he ever be able to release his movie if we're all dead?
09:06pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Hobart, Tasmania
3033 posts
*dies a little on the inside*

Dude, the puppet Yoda from Ep1 was f*****g horrible. Looked like a shrivelled up green baseball mit.
11:22pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1696 posts
Wasn't he the one that said the end of the world is going be in 2012? how will he ever be able to release his movie if we're all dead?

what so lucas can't have a little fun trolling without it being taken as for serious by his minions?
11:28pm 06/03/11 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
19178 posts
Geez you'd have to be completely devoid of taste and sense to go and see this.
09:42am 07/03/11 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
728 posts
Sif not just sell all Star Wars ip to BioWare and call it a day.
09:47am 07/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4521 posts
I thought this was about half-life episode 3 for some odd reason. Thread subject and even the post is ambiguous.
11:41am 07/03/11 Permalink
627 posts
Can't. f*****g. wait.

Blu-rays in September, TPM in feb... Awesome.

And in seven years you can buy the 3d version of the series. While the holographic versions of the same movies are pushed out to theatres! ...

Lucas should have had as little hand in the first three movies as he did the original three. Not much at all. Someoneelse should have written and directed them.
04:45pm 07/03/11 Permalink
2364 posts
The only thing that would make me go see these movies again is if they are remastered into holodeck format so that i can reprogram Padme to be my sex slave.
08:03pm 07/03/11 Permalink
5269 posts
Not happy with your current sex slave?
08:40pm 07/03/11 Permalink
Hobart, Tasmania
3034 posts
And in seven years you can buy the 3d version of the series. While the holographic versions of the same movies are pushed out to theatres! ...

pretty much. Works for me!
08:41pm 07/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6141 posts
Not happy with your current sex slave?

ahaha holy s***
08:54pm 07/03/11 Permalink
2365 posts
Mate i'd give up any of my current slaves for a shot at portman
08:57pm 07/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3070 posts
seems that Lucas needs money to pay his bills.
10:11pm 07/03/11 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6288 posts
Prequels sucked monkey testicles.
10:21pm 07/03/11 Permalink
10:21pm 07/03/11 Permalink
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