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Classic Adventure Game Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is Available Now
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Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition sees the return of the 1997 point-and-click adventure game classic from Westwood Studios that broke new ground back in the day. From its real-time story structure to the motion-captured visuals through the visual style inspired by Ridley Scott's sci-fi masterpiece.

What makes this re-release and remaster special is that playing Blade Runner on a post-1997 PC became an exercise in frustration for fans so this is very much a win for classic game preservation.

It's available now on Steam and GOG for $14.50 AUD. It's also available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, though we haven't seen it pop up on the local storefronts as of yet.

With remaster and enhanced edition duties carried out by Nightdive Studios, turns out that obtaining the rights just to re-release the game was a saga in and of itself. Be sure to check out Stephen Kicks's thread summarising that tale.

And here's an extended trailer to give you a taste of the outcome.

Westwood Studios, the company that brought Real-Time to strategy games with Command & Conquer, brings Real-Time to adventure games with the science fiction classic, Blade Runner.

Armed with your investigative skills and the tools of the Blade Runner trade, you'll be immersed in a world that lives and breathes around you with breakthrough lighting and visual effects. Your ability to survive will be put to the test in the richest game environment ever created.

Immerse yourself in the dark, gritty world of Los Angeles 2019, where you become both the hunter and the hunted.

Unfortunately early user reviews haven't been positive, citing poor upscaling for the videos and several glitches when it comes to playing the game. But Nightdive has sent out word it's working on a patch, so hopefully it's all just teething issues.
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