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Aliens: Fireteam Elite - Hands-On Preview
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Aliens: Fireteam Elite brings Left 4 Dead style co-op action to the classic 1986 film, and it certainly nails the look. But, is there more? We go hands-on with a preview build to bring you our report.

A snippet.

“We’re in the pipe; five by five.”

Classic quote aside, Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a new three-player co-op shooter in the style of a Left 4 Dead or World War Z (the game, not the movie) but set in the Aliens universe. Specifically the 1986 James Cameron directed sci-fi movie-verse, where the gun sounds are just so, the aliens swarm space marines en masse, and the corporations are doing their damndest to harvest that sweet Xenomorph genetical juice to create stuff that will rocket their space stock prices through the space roof.

If nothing else Aliens: Fireteam Elite nails the look, feel, and tone of the classic film for a lot of its action. The beeping scanner, the gruff marines, the not knowing but basically knowing what’s around the corner -- aliens. And those initial moments are very cool, the dim lighting, the weirdo space fog or smoke that’s seemingly a must for any corridor. The bombastic music when the action heats up, the xenomorph designs, the sound of space creaks and vents.

Our Full Aliens: Fireteam Elite PReview

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