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Company of Heroes 3's Dynamic Campaign Map Detailed
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After it's surprise announcement last week - you can jump in and play and early version - comes a video highlighting Company of Heroes 3's new Dynamic Campaign Map. And yeah, it's a little bit Total War and a little bit tabletop moving-pieces-around action.

In this breakdown we get to see how troop positioning, artillery strikes, calling in a destroyer attack, and leveling up companies adds a new, well, dynamic to how the RTS missions and skirmishes will play out.

It all looks and sounds great, with the right positioning of reinforcements being able to alter how you approach a mission. Also, seeing the unit leveling feature of Company of Heroes being used to add new abilities in the Campaign Map is great. It looks like developer Relic is going all out with the strategic side of this sequel, and that's a good thing.

With the new Campaign Map and the ability to pause the RTS battles to issue commands, this is definitely going to have a different feel. That said, with this introductory video to the tried-and-true COH gameplay highlighting the familiar cover-based, attack and supply-line RTS combat - it's still every bit a Company of Heroes game.
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