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Following on from the successful launch of the Earth-set Plains of Eidolon last year, comes a new look at the next open-world location coming to Warframe. As part of the Fortuna expansion due later this year, Tenno will be able to head to Venus to fight with the Solaris United faction against their Corpus overlords.

The following new trailer, synchronised to music, showcases the new location, the neon-lit cities, and even what look like hoverboards for faster traversal.

The Orb Vallis, The New Open World -- Building on the success of Plains of Eidolon's earthen Landscape, The Orb Vallis is Digital Extremes' massive new Landscape. Volatile, mercurial clouds of blue and orange loom over a sci-fi terrain populated with seascape flora, giant mushrooms, alien rock formations, rare creatures, and more.

Solaris United and Fortuna -- The cyborg Faction Solaris United live in the Blade-Runner-esque Debt-Internment Colony, Fortuna. Similar to the gathering bazaars of Cetus in Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna is an underground hub city that serves as a factory to clean coolant rivers and doubles as a trading hub for the region.

New Combat Experiences -- The Corpus occupiers, led by the profit-obsessed Nef Anyo, bring new technology and warriors to bear. Alongside new Corpus ground troop variants, monstrous new Spider Bot enemies of all shapes and sizes will challenge players to face their fears when they explore The Orb Vallis and face-off with the prophet of profit.

Ride a Hoverboard -- Blaze across the wide open Venusian landscape by piloting the Bondi K-Drive. Call up this handy customizable hoverboard and quickly glide, jump, and trick across a variety of terrain.

Join the Conservation Movement -- Switch your mindset from blast-happy mercenary to friendly savior. The strange, wonderful animals of the Vallis are going extinct. Explore the new world of Fortuna and apply your new skills to track, lure, and capture them for relocation.

Musically -- The talented sound team at DE has engineered an alien-tech soundscape of eerie effects and ominous music that set the sonic tone for an incredibly rich experience, and they are joined by renowned sound composer Keith Power who has returned with an upbeat, hum-out-loud musical intro of Fortuna unlike anything you have heard before.

Like with Plains of Eidolon, the Colony of Fortuna city-hub will be where players will obtain new bounties and missions. The Fortuna update also comes with the arrival of two new frames - Codename 'Revenant' an Eidolon-themed Warframe with a deadly affliction and Codename 'Garuda', a vicious, gory Warframe - coming soon.

Perhaps the most interesting new announcement, as part of a later update, is the revelation of a new co-op mode called Codename: Railjack. Which will allow players to team-up and fly seamlessly into orbit and engage in space combat. With action that includes piloting the ship, manning turrets, and working together to take on enemy spacecraft. And from there being able to hop into an Archwing to board an enemy freighter to reach a core, take it out, and escape. It certainly sounds ambitious, and brilliant too. A new 1-4 player co-op way to play Waframe - in a genuinely exciting setting. Yes please.

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