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Kratos returns, with a kid and in a strange new land. Gone are the Greek Gods of old, as a clearly battle-worn Kratos finds himself in the land of the Viking - Norse-place. Anyway, Stephen's been playing this pretty heavily and telling me just how good it is. So good in fact that he describes it as every bit as impressive, and important, as Metroid Prime.

A bold statement to be sure, so be sure to check out our full review.

So, I’m not going to mince words. The PS4’s new God of War is Metroid Prime and the Darksiders series, starring Kratos and his son. (We might also need to thank From Software and Dark Souls in here somewhere, but I dropped the difficulty level anyway so that didn’t affect me as much.)

Pacing and story, however, are what separate this design throwback to the aforementioned and it’s where the game shines. It’s interesting, though, because the game’s story is mostly laid out in set-piece design. Which is fine. These guys know how to do ‘giant’ set-pieces. They’re not afraid to pull the player out of a basic gameplay loop to give them the most over-the-top s*** they can. And that’s God of War.

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