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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Interview - Talking Alliance, ...
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The seventh expansion for World of Warcraft has been dated, with a release set for August 14. As the name suggests it also returns to the age old rivalry between the Alliance and the Horde. Well, not so much rivalry as it is all-out War. Battle for Azeroth also introduces a number of new interesting modes that are a lot of fun. Which we were lucky enough to talk about when we sat down with the team.

"One of the very first choices that new players are faced with when creating a new character is deciding on which faction to join. “Everybody feels like there's a right answer to, 'Are you Horde or Alliance?'”, Michael Bybee a Senior Producer on World of Warcraft tells me. “It’s different for different people. I played for years on the Alliance side, but my heart was always with the Horde. That was my first character that I really played, an Orc Warrior.”

Picking sides and aligning with either the Alliance or Horde is something that all WoW players can relate to. And it’s something that the team working hard at Blizzard, creating new stories and adventures for the Battle of Azeroth expansion, can also relate to. “We build teams of people and we’re always looking for people who are passionate to work on the types of content that we're working on,” Michael adds. “I can tell you absolutely that the team that's working on the Alliance storyline is incredibly passionate about bringing Jaina back into the Pantheon of Blizzard heroes, just making her awesome again. She's been on a journey for a while now, but this is the expansion where she's going to be back, and people are going to love it. The team is super passionate about that.”

Click Here to Read Our Full World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Interview
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