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Final Fantasy XV Getting Four New Episodes in 2019
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After making an impressive debut on PC last month, Final Fantasy XV is set to get all new story content in the form of four new episodes that will attempt to expand on the story as well as provide more closure. Not that it's needed, what with the epic ending to the core game. But still, a welcome addition.

Especially for fans of the game, as the first episode of new content will follow the exploits of Ardyn the villain with the killer hair. Episode 1: Ardyn – The Conflict of the Sage will detail his thousand year hatred for Lucis as well as his clashes with the Astrals.

Episode 2: Lunafreya – The Choice of Freedom will follow Luna and then events following her 'death' with Episode 3: Noctis – The Final Strike seeing the return of Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis as he returns to "attain the ideal future for all his people".

The Final Fantasy 15 multiplayer mode, Comrades, is also getting a standalone release later this year.
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