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As in the pirate-y term, and not a reference to a rear-end. Anyway dropping a month before the planned March release of Rare's highly anticipated Sea of Thieves, Microsoft are releasing a special limited Sea of Thieves inspired Xbox One controller. Deep purple translucent design, mysterious glowing skull, textured grip. And it looks even better than that already very cool description.

And really, having a single gold trigger is quite the touch. Normally we don't get excited about limited edition controllers. But this, is different. It glows in the dark. And looks amazing.

In addition to, you know, being a controller it also comes packed with "Ferryman Clothing Set" DLC for Sea of Thieves. And Bluetooth support for both Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Available February 10 in Australia for the RRP of $99.95, be sure to pre-order now so you don't miss out.
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