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umm... jim?
Melbourne, Victoria
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Nope, I can't remember - what did you apply for?

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Melbourne, Victoria
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He applied for hosting and when you proccessed his acount in the mass process you did not very long ago he filled out something stupid... i have no idea what his actual problem with the old account was, maybe try explaining it again chompies, becuase there isnt allot u can stuff up when filling in the hosting form
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I guessed he applied for hosting - when I asked what he applied for, I meant what subdomain (so I could look it up)

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Newcastle, New South Wales
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About changing accounts around etc...

if i have ic.ausgamers.com is it possible to change the ic. part of it ?

e.g if my clan changes name ? or i dont want it for clan use anymore, if it want it for personal news site
e.g trog.qgl.org

but id have wench.ausgamers.com or sutn

im just wondering how u go about changing your subdomain, not saying i want to.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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We don't yet make that kind of change to subdomains because it requires too much manual intervention - and you'd be suprised how many requests we get for that :)

We do plan to make that a feature we offer though - to be able to do it yourself via a web interace, a limited number of times within a given period, with a specific amount of time between changes.

In the meantime, you're more than welcome to apply for the subdomain you may want - we don't even try to limit it to one per person, we know you guys would just go get hotmail accounts and apply under some other name anyway :)

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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hi5 awesome thread.
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