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what gaming chairs is everyone using?
Gold Coast, Queensland
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I was just in the market for a new gaming chair, was just curious what chairs are you guys using? I've heard gaming chairs are a gimmick but this review really seems to portray these gaming chairs as 'safe' for back pain. I have had mild back pain, don't want to risk anything. Any suggestions?
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Hey mate,

If there’s something in the aesthetic that you’re sold on, have at it, but IMO they’re just not built all that well.

I say this, I’m looking to go the ‘buy it once, buy it properly’ route and am eyeballing a Herman Miller Aeron.

They’re not cheap (currrently something near $1500ish) I bought my father one a little while back and had used them when I recommended my place of work get some in a shift work role I used to have.
They’re not for everyone, and at that price point, certainly need to be pondered as a purchase. They are built very well (and warranted for north of a decade!), and need some care (don’t sit in them wearing sharp buckles et al) The model I bought years back, I managed to wait for the right time and got it for $1200 (~$100 per year for warranty as I think of it).

Perhaps some food for thought, I concede the price is alarming initially, but ponder the volume of time you might spend in it. For me, and the recent push for working from home, I’ll likely snap one up when they’re next on sale.
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Perth, Western Australia
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I use a generic chair from office works.

This one I think.
Got it on special for ~$150.
Had it 2-3 years I think, the gas lift is starting to get a little flakey like they do. It does have an 8yr Warranty.

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Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Sydney, New South Wales
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I'm using Anda Seat - newish to Australia, super-sturdy and very, very comfy.
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Other International
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Still on the same Herman Miller Aeron I bought about 20 years ago
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I'm using Anda Seat - newish to Australia, super-sturdy and very, very comfy.

Same seat here. Very happy with it.
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I did some serious homework during covid on all the best gaming chairs and ended up going with the Titan Secret Labs. It's mega comfy and built to last. I ended up going with the fabric one and not the fake leather. It ended up costing $600 and I've had it a year now and its worth every cent.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I agree with the Herman Miller suggestion. Forget these cheap aesthetic chairs or the Officeworks ones that you replace every few years - I bought a Herman Miller Mirra nearly 10 years ago now and have not noticed any issues with it at all.

Steelcase would be the other major brand to consider. You're going to pay a lot for them, but they're properly fitted and built to last.
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Other International
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Forget these cheap aesthetic chairs or the Officeworks ones that you replace every few years
Never had one of those chairs last more than 24 months before something went wrong with it. Herman Miller seems expensive but when I spread the cost out over the 20 years I've had it, it was practically free

I bought an Aeron when I moved to the USA - I paid USD$597.55 for it at a time when the AUD was like $1.10 against it so it was also practically free! Then I had to sell it when I moved to the UK because it was too expensive to ship, which I regretted immediately. Bought a 2nd hand one in the UK for about GBP250.

I am in a new office now and am looking at pulling trigger on another one so I have one in the office and at home; sitting on all other chairs is almost physically painful at this point
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
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Yep I've had a Mirra for 20+ years at home and office, absolutely worth the money.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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my gaming chair

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Aldi has one going

Executive Style in Black from 12/6/21 at ALDI. More at
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