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Should I upgrade my i7-2600K?
Perth, Western Australia
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From what I can google its probably not worth upgrading my i7-2700K?
2x480GB SSDs
nvidia 570

Looking at upgrading to a 1070 and if its worth upgrading the rest of it at the same time. It would be a budget upgrade so mostly the cheapest bits I can find around $1500 including the 1070.

Used for both work and gaming. Current games PoE, Black Desert and Starcitizen.

Given that games generally don't use much CPU is there any reason to upgrade everything over just the GPU?

I will probably also replace the stock intel heatsink/fan (as it has a broken clip) so overclocking is an option.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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570 to a 1070 is a massive jump. A 560->750 was about a 2x jump, a 750->1050 was about a 2-3x jump again. 1050->1070 was another 3x jump.

My suggestion would be get a 1070 if you were going to do that anyway, see if it's compatible first of course, then see how it runs. If you're not happy with the outcome, yeah, get a 7700 or Ryzen 1700.
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According to Parts Picker this could be had for around $1500. Stock cooler and no case or power supply so if you wanted to upgrade those it'd be more.

You would see a small FPS increase with a more modern CPU and ram but the bigger upgrades will be NVME SSD which is about 4x faster than SATA SSD and USB 3 if you don't have it already on your older system.

Not sure if that is worth the upgrade or not but it's at least doable with the budget.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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The difference between a SATA SSD and NVMe SSD is so negligible as to not even be noticable in real-world performance.

I currently have 1x 500GB 840EVO, 1x 500GB 850EVO, 1x 500GB Intel 600p NVMe, 1x 250GB X210 and 1x 120GB OCZ Vertex 2 in my system. I moved some stuff from the 850 to the 600p and there's basically no difference.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Ballarat, Victoria
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if you’re just wanting a half measure before upgrading to the z270 or ryzen motherboard, I’ve got a 4770K and a noctua NH15 if you’re not interested in the h2o cools

much cheaper than a full upgrade at this point save for the 1070 and it’s not going to be much noticeable unless you’re running a Win10 at the moment anyway

above advice is solid too
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Perth, Western Australia
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I wouldn't mind going to some water cooling, but the current case isn't designed for it (ie no 280mm fan slot in the top).

Need to check if the NH-D15 will fit in the case/MB, but I am interested depending on price.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Save the cash on the rest of the system upgrade and get a 1080Ti?
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Ballarat, Victoria
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you can have it if you need it
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