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Keyboard Suggestions.
Pablitos Way
Melbourne, Victoria
156 posts

My Logitech G11 finally died so I'm looking at getting a new one, will mainly be used for gaming among other things. I play FPS the most if that helps, Cheers!

I was thinking this one


Is the 810 even worth going for the extra $40?

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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Pablitos Way
Melbourne, Victoria
157 posts

Doing some browsing and a lot peeps recommend the Corsair Gaming K95

No way I'm spending $269 on a keyboard. Please don't tell me some of you in here have gone as far as spending that much on a keyboard. That's just crazy!! I reckon considering $150 myself on a keyboard is steep...Any of you guys using Mechanical Keyboards, what are they like? big difference from a normal cheapo?

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Gold Coast, Queensland
393 posts
I'm still using a G15 do they even make keyboards with an lcd screen?
I like backlit keys but I don't need no disco.
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Brisbane, Queensland
23620 posts
steelseries 6gv2, built like a tank. I've rage hulk smashed this thing and the key caps went flying, put them all back on and it still functions like a tank (of a keyboard).
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New South Wales
121 posts
mechanical keyboards are all the rage at the moment, the main factor to consider should be the switch used. I'd suggest trying the different cherry colours out in a store and work out what style you prefer. They vary in price by brand, materials used, lighting and 'gamer' branding.
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Brisbane, Queensland
40278 posts
anything mechanical in your price range
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Brisbane, Queensland
6118 posts
The Logitech G310 is a sweet board. Love the small form factor, gives you more room for all those awesome 'flick o' da wrist' hip shots on your huge Logitech cloth gaming mouse pad. :)
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Pablitos Way
Melbourne, Victoria
158 posts

I'm leaning towards the Corsair Gaming Strafe RGB Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Silent. Cheaper than the K95, but still damn! expensive for a keyboard....

Ill shop around should be able to find it a little cheaper...

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Ballarat, Victoria
4117 posts
it's pretty good

you can get several different mechanical custom designed boards through Massdrop sales, but they get expensive when you have to buy another keycap set for $50 if you don't like the ones they comes with
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Sir Redhat
Sydney, New South Wales
1911 posts
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Other International
544 posts
Is there a low button profile? i.e similar to the mac keyboards. I don't know why but I've always found mac keyboards the best, the tine button travel is great and the overall design is fantastic. Only issue is that it works like s*** on windows. Remapping keys creates odd issues and not all keys work.
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Melbourne, Victoria
9305 posts
I too am looking for a new keyboard and mouse, as mine are starting to show issues. However I'm cautious as I know many Logitech gaming and some others I've used briefly have narrower keys, which completely throws me after 20+ years of touch-typing throws my brain with the slightly altered key width/spacing.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2 posts
I am using A4TECH since 2013. Still got no problem.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12533 posts
lol i cant even find a pick of my Keyboard.
Its a YellowStone and it is red with white Keys and the keys are round.
got it at Jbs ages ago, wish Id got two.
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2567 posts
Currently using a Kogan Mechanical keyboard. Its good. When I upgrade, I will want a Corsair Strafe RGB. I want a f*****g disco in my keyboard.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2677 posts
I just got this with cherry brown keys and I'm liking it
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Melbourne, Victoria
9345 posts
I bought a Corsair K70 RGB Cherry Red about two months ago and I can definitely say I'm unhappy with the number of missed keystrokes.
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Brisbane, Queensland
23488 posts
my kogan mechanical is still going.
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2569 posts
Disco keyboard, K95.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
116 posts
Still using the Kogan Mechanical aswell. 2 years of use and hasn't missed a beat. For $65 wish I had bought 2.
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Brisbane, Queensland
23493 posts
Still using the Kogan Mechanical aswell. 2 years of use and hasn't missed a beat. For $65 wish I had bought 2.

i did XD, i am like that with underpants too.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
419 posts
Disco sux
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Pablitos Way
Melbourne, Victoria
159 posts
Ended up getting the Corsair K65 LUX RGB Compact Mechanical Keyboard Cherry Red. Can't believe I spent $175 on a keyboard, so ashamed of myself. I'm actually really loving the fact that it's compact, I mean really who uses the side number keys unless for accounting purposes.RGB lights are pretty cool but in terms of this mechanical Cherry Red keys I'm a bit whatever on the all bulls*** of it, not much difference to a Cheapo, gimmicky BS I reckon...
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Other International
3170 posts
I'm behind the times, what is this mechanical jazz all about? Is it significantly better or is it just unnecessary pizzazz? They do look sweet.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12546 posts
I cant believe the price of some of those keyboards
One of my friends is hardcore gamer, he got one with an little LCD screen in it
one of these i think

he got a megawide monitor too

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2576 posts
Mechanical keys just feel a lot better. If you get a Cherry MX brown, you know its going to feel like a cherry MX brown. Plus it's just cool.

Have a picture of a cat sitting on a keyboard to brighten up your day.
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I'm looking at grabbing a couple of wasd keyboards
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Brisbane, Queensland
2253 posts
I picked up a $2 keyboard from gamedude about 5months ago. still going strong.
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Brisbane, Queensland
19038 posts
i received my first mechanical keyboard for christmas and loving it so far. it's a corsair k70 rgb rapidfire.
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2600 posts
I caved and got a Corsair K70 LUX RGB Cherry MX brown.
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Brisbane, Queensland
110 posts
I'm looking at the corsair strafe RGB Silent keyboard, coz I like rice
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