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What's the deal with mechanical keyboards
Sydney, New South Wales
3 posts
Ive never understood mechanical keyboards and the use iit has for gaming but what would i know ive never used one im just a logitech peasant
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Gold Coast, Queensland
24942 posts
The Clueless Newbie Approach.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4796 posts
clickety clack, mother f*****.
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Brisbane, Queensland
22463 posts
much longer lasting, much noisier. for pros only.
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Brisbane, Queensland
23307 posts
some of us just like to pretend we're in a 1920's office with all the click clack of keys
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Brisbane, Queensland
5305 posts
much longer lasting, much noisier. for pros only.

i wouldn't say for pros, but it is a choice that you have to put thought into, because a good one will last a motherf*****g long time (and I mean decades!!)

to give you an idea, I have an older mate of mine that does alot of typing (working on his third PHD as you do) and he is still rocking his 1987 IBM model M
and it is still pretty damn sweet to type on and even game on, altho with the surge in more modern mech keyboards he has a filco that he games on now, one without the clicky noise

it is also a much faster/easier/less tiring keyboard to type on, and touch typing is a breeze, hands down the best thing to type on is a mech keyboard,
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3699 posts
I just had a Corsair K70 arrive today. It's more or less my first mechanical keyboard, I was getting annoyed with my old logitech as my w key would sometimes stop registering if i was holding it down in games.

Went with the K70 because it didn't have any macro keys which I never use but still had a palm rest and all the media controls including a volume nob which I've become used to from Logitech gear.

So far the only negative is the F keys are lower than the number keys in height so I kind of have to reach more in order to not hit the number keys with the F keys. I'd also ordered a Brown switch version but they sent a Blue and it is really loud.

It comes with a set of gaming keys which are good for gaming but annoy for everything else.
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
22177 posts
Ever since I started using my Corsair K95 keyboard I've found my dps in WoW has gone way up.
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I like eel pie
Brisbane, Queensland
4482 posts
Fact: Nearly all keyboards sold bundled with computers or at retail stores use rubber domes under their keys. This is the same technology used in cheap TV remotes. They're made to be as cheap as possible to manufacture in order to maximize profits. Yes, this even includes "high end" keyboards. So why settle for something that is made as cheap as possible?

So why should you get a mechanical keyboard?

There are a few advantages offered by mechanical keyboards over your typical rubber dome keyboard.

The feel: With a rubber dome keyboard you've got to press the key all the way down to the bottom to get it to register. This wastes a lot of energy and causes fatigue, as most of your effort is spent pushing against a solid piece of plastic. Mechanical keyswitches are designed so that they register before you bottom out, so you only need to apply as much force as is necessary to actuate it, not wasting any.

The choice: Mechanical keyboards are available with many different types of switches. Each different type of switch, whether it be one of the many Cherry MX options, Topre or Buckling Spring (among others) have unique characteristics that set them apart. As such, there are a multitude of options for you to choose from, to make your typing experience that much easier.

The durability: Modern mechanical switches such as Cherry MX varieties and Topre switches are built to withstand millions of keypresses, this combined with the modularity of switches like Cherry MX varieties mean that mechanical keyboards can last you far longer than their rubber dome counterparts.
read more here
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Brisbane, Queensland
8297 posts
A mechanical keyboard is like bubble-wrap where every bubble has a nice satisfying pop, and a regular keyboard is like bubble-wrap where each bubble kind of smooshes and goes "puh."
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Brisbane, Queensland
17234 posts
I wonder if I can pull some sort of Health Safety bulls*** can get work to pay for a Mechanical Keyboard to help reduce the chances of RSI from typing so much ;D
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Gold Coast, Queensland
6691 posts
A mechanical keyboard is like bubble-wrap where every bubble has a nice satisfying pop, and a regular keyboard is like bubble-wrap where each bubble kind of smooshes and goes "puh."

Haha, excellently put.
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Sir Redhat
Sydney, New South Wales
1650 posts
I used to be a mechanical keyboard adventurer like you until it took a glass of wine all over it. :/

My new razer one should be arriving this week.

I miss the old honeywell mechanical keyboards.
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1980 posts
Im rocking the Kogan Mech. Its alright. Would be interesting to get a cool retro one and see what the difference is like.
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