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Case with a PSU... Good on a budget or cheap and nasty?
Sydney, New South Wales
31 posts
So my PC's motherboard has died and it's out of warranty. It's a dell motherboard and they are very expensive and hard to find locally. The closest I can find one at a decent price is malyasia for $130 new.

So I'm going to upgrade this dell machine like it's a whole new computer.

I'm keeping the CPU, Drives & RAM, it's a socket 1155 CPU so I'm looking for a B75 mATX motherboard with USB 3.0 ports at the rear

I'd also like to buy a Case and a PSU or a case with a PSU under 500w. I don't want to buy a really cheap one, because it might case a fire and when a fire starts to burn, right, it starts to spread
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Gold Coast, Queensland
124 posts
start again friend.
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Central Coast, New South Wales
1326 posts
Depends, really.

Some cases some with decent PSU's, some come with generic PoS things.

If it's a case with a big brand PSU, you'll probs have no issues.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1902 posts
mATX you say.

Take a look @ the Silverstone range of cases.

This case (PC Case Gear link to a 'Silverstone Fortress FT03B') looks like a winner if you ask me (will fit a massive video card too).
One issue, this case doesn't come with a PSU.

Is there a reason you wish to stick with mATX?

Why not consider your options with Mini-ITX... (The Case options open up a notch... ask yourself, do you /really/ need anything other than a video card on PCI-E?)
If you can find a decent 'Full-featured' Mini-ITX mobo, This case (PC Case Gear link to a 'Silverstone Sugo SG-08B') comes with a 600W PSU and will hold a mammoth video card too.

I built a machine with the predecessor to this case (the SG-07) a few years ago, and aside from a little fan noise (a lot of gamers wouldn't say it's loud, but I think they make a little noise, certainly not 'deafening' but you'd notice the computer is on in a room otherwise filled with silence) it is a great build. I found the right Motherboard for that era of CPU (it has an i7-9xx in it) and it's been running one of the original ATi Radeon 5870 'Eyefinity edition' video cards like a champ since day 1.

I'll almost certainly upgrade my 'gaming rig' into one of these once I've found the right Chipset/CPU combination. The Case and PSU will deal with as much as you can fit in that case, and it's a little bit larger than a shoebox, so it's super portable. (Want to use a HTPC? ok, here's my desktop...)
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I built a Mini-ITX system for a mate. 4760K + GTX 770. Was well balanced and plays BF4 on Ultra.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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i always roll with coolermaster, they aint let me down yet.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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I would like to stick with mATX for height restrictions and mITX motherboards are relatively expensive to be honest and just feel cramped.
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Sydney, New South Wales
33 posts

Ok so i got my rig yesterday arvo, prices might seam high as i bought from local sydney stores

Coolmaster N200 Case - $59
Corsair VS450 - $64
Gigabyte GT610 Silent - $49
ASROCK B75M 2.0 - $73

Got all these parts from Gorge Street Mall's Technocity highly recommend checking out, 12 full size computer stores in a cluster and they are very helpful and cheap

BTW my 120mm case fans are running at 100% full speed, will the 3 pin to 4 pin molex apdater help them become quieter?

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Is this a gamer?
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Sydney, New South Wales
34 posts

Is this a gamer?

haha nope. It's an office PC. The 610 will just provide smooth 1080p playback
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