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HTPC case
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I'm looking for a decent HTPC form factor case and needs to support full size cards, not the crappy low profile cards like the HD 5450. I would like it to be no larger than 23cm high, 33cm Wide and 43cm deap.
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I just built an HTPC out of an Intel NUC. Not a lot bigger than an Apple TV but s*** loads more flexible and powerful.

Intel NUC from Umart

I though in a small SSD and 4 gig of ram and installed Windows 8 on it. Boots up in no time flat and works great with a Logitech K400R keyboard. Costs totals a little over $400
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I'm guessing he wants an HTPC style case for a full sized PC so he can stick it on his desk
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I went for the Lian Li PC-V351, great layout, fits heaps, good airflow, all around awesome HTPC case. Also, looks like a small sub ^_^
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Perth, Western Australia
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33cm wide is going to be the slightly harder part as its not a normal case size which probably pushes you close to mini ITX sizes.

I have had one of these for years now but it would be too wide for you.
Antec NK2480B

Mine also has a build in IR receiver and volume control on the front which doesn't appear to be on the current model.

EDIT: fixing URL
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Sydney, New South Wales
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thanks for the relies lads.

@ET That's a little too small for me haha
@whoop yeah man nailed it! it's going to go under my draws where i my old SFF low-profile rig used to live plus my original ps3.
@Coldy that PC 351v case looks great, but i's too tall unfortunatly
@jerry i've been looking at silverstone cases for a few days now. the SG01-F usb3.0 looks pretty cool
@ickus good stuff man, wish mine would have a receiver
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Sydney, New South Wales
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has anyone used the sg01-f usb 3.0 case from silverstone? looks like the perfect case for my needs and is big enough to fit even the largest cards
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Gladstone, Queensland
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the fractal node 304 might fit the size. it doesn't have any room for an optical drive but it looks good. im going to get a white one next and sit it next to the black one
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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I've built a mini-ITX gaming rig in a Silverstone SG07. It is a little noisy by my standards (read: not very noisy at all) but will fit all but the biggest video cards in it too.

Take a gander at the SG08 too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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+1 sliverstone
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Silverstone also make very good PSUs. I have 4 of them so far at home and they all run great. The larger 850+ watt ones give very, very stable voltages. The entire desk with 4 screens and 2 computers comes out with a power factor of 0.93, very efficient PSUs. If you're going to run the system 24/7 I'd recommend a gold/platinum PSU for your rig.
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