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Robot vacuum cleaners?
Brisbane, Queensland
6254 posts
Anyone here got any experience with these guys? recommendations for brands/models?

There's Roombas, Neatos, Robomaids and all sorts to choose from
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I have a Robomaid. I bought it a few years ago and it never gets used. When used, I thought it did a pretty good job. My missus however didnt seem to think much of it. Its almost of no use on carpet or in a cluttered room. Great for open, smooth floor areas. I love the way it finds it way back to the charger.

Confused you enough?
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Watch videos of them actually trying to vacuum up stuff that people put there. They are pretty s***, imo. Not videos from Samsung(read: Manufacturer) either but people who've bought them.

The suction is poor, they don't hold much before suction is further affected. In the end you'll be using a normal vacuum.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1604 posts
I think Robovacuums are a case of you get what you pay for, I've seen some for $99 but I can't imagine they'd work as well as a $500 which I've seen at Harvey Normans.

I just picked up a cordless stick vacuum from Godfreys for $180 it's awesome I just take it out every few days and run over the house only takes 15minutes tops, I couldn't imagine a Robovacuum doing my house in that time it'd be annoying this little thing making noises and bumping into things lol
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Central Coast, New South Wales
1145 posts
I couldn't imagine a Robovacuum doing my house in that time it'd be annoying this little thing making noises and bumping into things lol

I hope you never have kids then :P
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1704 posts
Watch videos of them actually trying to vacuum up stuff that people put there. ...

It won't pick up your litter; If we're honest adults here for a moment, Vacuum's shouldn't really be used to pick up s*** you can.

Of course if it's reaching into places of your house that haven't been cleaned for a while the first few operations of it will be pretty pathetic (in that you'll probably need to empty it a number of times). Once the place has had it there for a while it might become something you notice less, but I doubt very much they're as 'invisible' as the ads claim either.
I tend to think of them less as vacuum cleaners and more as 'automatic, hard-floor dusters'.

I jumped in on the Dyson bandwagon a few years ago, and it serves my purpose (low traffic, no animal apartment for a bachelor) quite well. As much as a '$1000 robot Vacuum' is supposed to be amazing, it might also be pointed out that for that kinda money you can buy a very decent dual purpose Vacuum/carpet shampoo unit.

For me it's heavily dependent on your living arrangements, and floorplan. (Thinking about split level houses, I can't imagine that a robo-vacuum would be a useful option for the money out-laid)
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You should get one of these...
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Melbourne, Victoria
522 posts
why buy a robot to do a persons job?

hire a cleaner to come in once a week. will cost about 50 bucks and they will do more than just vacuum
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Brisbane, Queensland
4285 posts
My uncle has a samsung one i think.

He and his GF reckon its great. They live on the water @ Gold coast plus have a dog so its got a lot to do.

Think they only use it on tiles downstairs tho.

GF wants one for @ home so im interested to see what other people think.
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i have a roomba but i dont use it anymore.. the reason is our place has a couch and a few chairs and other stuff so it cant be efficient, its easier for me to sweep once a day then f*** around with roomba.

they are only really good for rooms with not much in them.

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Other International
244 posts
Actually - lots of cheap cleaners from the Philippines at the moment! (and before you say "too soon!" - i'm just helping their employment , see the biggest export for the Philippines in the world is people , and I care for their well being).
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Melbourne, Victoria
526 posts
we have a team of cleaners (3 -4 depends on who they have available on the day) come in on Thursdays but they are Chinese - they work really hard and do a great job - would recommend

for under 100 bucks they do the whole house and odd jobs like washing, dishes etc its worth it and you are providing local employment in the community
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