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build thoughts
Melbourne, Victoria
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Old gaming buddy asked what I'd suggest to buy for 2 grand

I thought this but I'm no expert..

CPU: Intel Core i5 4670K $269
Mobo: Asrock Z87M Extreme4 $162
RAM: G.Skill Ares 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3-1866 $99
SSD: Samsung 840 EVO Series 250GB $185
GFX:Gigabyte Radeon R9 290X, 4GB + Battlefield 4 Coupon - $699.00
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB $95
Case:CoolerMaster CM 690 III Advanced Black ATX Case - $129.00
PSU: SilverStone Strider Plus 750W Power Supply - $169.00
ODD: DVD burner $20
CPU HSF: Noctua NH-U14S $85

Total $1912

He says he uses a 42" tv for a monitor

The case I picked as its like my sons and I liked his during his build.

The card I'm not sure if its over kill for his monitor as I'm also not sure if size of screen makes a difference to frame rate/ resolution or the screens natural resolution is the primary factor to consider ie: 1080p or 720p (I'll ask him next time I talk)
For $650 it seems like a great card for the money but if its pointless on that screen I'd love to know ;)

I've always used Gigabyte for my mobos so I'm not sure of the Asrock but its cheap and it comes up a lot in builds.

Any help appreciated.
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Brisbane, Queensland
36741 posts
yer, looks ok.

using a tv as your main monitor is a pretty bad idea though, much better off getting a decent monitor.

nothing wrong with using the tv as a second screen.
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Central Coast, New South Wales
1077 posts
Just a bit of input = He can probably pick up a 7990. It'll run / last longer than a 290x for the same price. The PSU should also be enough already that he might actually SAVE money while gaining performance lol.

I've just picked one up myself and they scream along in BF4.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10765 posts
I dunno if i would create such an expensive PC and hinge it all on a budget brand motherboard.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1782 posts
ASRock is good!!! My Dad has a 10 year old computer with an ASRock motherboard still working flawlessly (read slow as s***).

Compare that with my Gigabyte DS3 which died in a year :(
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Central Coast, New South Wales
1078 posts
I dunno if i would create such an expensive PC and hinge it all on a budget brand motherboard.

I have an even more budget ASRock board and it's fine. And my PC is higher spec than that.
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Melbourne, Victoria
18 posts
Yeah I use a Gigabyte Sniper 3 and my kids computers use mid range Gigabytes and they have been fine. I thought of something similar as my kids ones but they are more pricey at $230 for a 2013 equivalent Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H.
He did say $2000 as his budget. I guess $70 isnt much extra for the Gigabyte so maybe its a better option to push him towards. I also liked the Asus Maximus Hero but thats $300...
Also still curious if the tv screen wont let him run high settings anyway and if someone knows what tvs scale like with gfx's.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1667 posts
My recommendation is go somewhat cheaper on the vid card.
The 7870 is a small margin 'slower' but half of the price.

Also, go for a 120GB SSD and buy a 1TB WD Raptor in favour of the 2TB Seagate.
'big' slow HDD's are for storage machines nowadays.

You'll be happy with that PSU, I lurrrve my Silverstone PSU's.
Also, 5.25" Optical drive? naw, just buy a USB one and never need to buy an optical drive again. (Probably more a statement on how often I use optical media these days, but I'm dead serious.)

EDIT: ALSO, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH, by housemate's current motherboard (z77 chipset I think) is a TOTAL POS. in fact most everything he's tried in the z77 range (he's on his 3rd mobo, prev two were RMA'd) is total poo. The Achilles heel in this case, USB3 drivers are ASS.

If you think you have the right motherboard, start searching (y'know, on the gooogle) for it, then add 'issues with' and then choose a feature... see how many people are having the issue.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Yeah the only problem I have with my Sniper mobo its USB3 is very very crap. Even with updating all the usb3 drivers etc, I never use then anymore and just use the usb2 ones.

Once when I plugged a WD drive in, it screwed the drive so i couldn't get it running again. Even pulled it apart and installed inside the case to try and read it and recover these files but in the end I gave up and reformatted it to salvage it to use as a spare drive. To this day I still don't trust it to anything I cant afford to lose. USB3 is lost to me now :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
10560 posts
I dunno if i would create such an expensive PC and hinge it all on a budget brand motherboard.

ASRock is the beez kneez. All my builds now go with ASRock as they are sturdy and haven't had any problems in the past.

Fencer, I'd suggest not going with the 290X as reports seem to point to it being quite a hot card which could lead to less of a life. Probably the 280X/GTX780 would be better suited, both are quite "next-gen" cards.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Yeah Nvida man myself and I'm using 680's on mine and my sons while my daughters has a 670. Never had a problem with heat or anything with the 600 series unlike the old 280's I had with its serious heat of running those in SLI. I hate heat. Yeah i might steer him in the direction of a 780. cheers
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Echoing the avoidance of 290X in favor of 770/780 once they come down in price. Also a bit of cash could be saved by getting a Cooler Master Hyper 212X CPU cooler, I got one for $45, handles my i5 2500k @4.5ghz OC just fine.
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Central Coast, New South Wales
1082 posts
Yeah i might steer him in the direction of a 780. cheers

Again, a 7990 is around the same cost as a 780 at the moment (until the 780s get hit with the price drop anyway) and it performs significantly better in pretty much everyt AAA title (basically, any game that would need the power).

Unless he's planning to SLi down the line, the 7990 will be best bang for buck and best for performance atm with his budget.

It plays BF3 on ultra, 8x AA @ 1080p around 130fps average on a 64 player large conquest map, plays BF4 on ultra at well over 60fps as well (I havn't looked at fraps with it yet).

As for the TV, it shouldn't be an issue. I had a friend who used a TV for his PC for ages. The only downside is the cheap TV's tend to have tearing and ghost image issues. Also, "screen dooring" because the pixels are big and you're sitting close. If he's further back, it won't matter as much.

As for settings, he will be able to run it the same as a PC monitor. It might just a little blurrier up close.
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Brisbane, Queensland
186 posts
Nvidia announced a massive price drop on the 7xx series cards recently, $150 off rrp for the 780GTX. I'd be waiting for a few weeks and keep checking for deals :)
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