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New smart phone on the market
Brisbane, Queensland
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If you haven’t heard of Oppo before now, then the company’s latest smartphone should make you sit up and take notice.


So what makes the Oppo N1 standout? There are three interesting, unusual features on the phone, and we’ll start with the camera. Fitted to the N1 is the world’s first rotating camera. Oppo clearly didn’t like the idea of putting a less capable camera lens above the screen when there is a perfectly good one on the back, so it built a 206-degree rotating module and put a 13-megapixel camera inside, so it can perform both tasks. If all this wasn’t enough, the Oppo N1 has a massive 5.9-inch IPS display with a 1080p resolution, a 1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, a choice of 16GB or 32GB memory, and a hefty 3610mAh battery. The chassis is an aluminum unibody with a ceramic finish. Perhaps the only disappointment is the lack of 4G LTE connectivity, and the fact it weighs 213 grams.
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No 4G? Big fail.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yes, but would you buy what you're spruking, craycraymorton?

also does it blend?
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Perth, Western Australia
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Sounds nice. The fact that it's running on an Android OS is also nice. Things like protective cases will be hard to come by locally though.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Cyanogenmod is a very nice touch too
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No 4G? Big fail.

i have a galaxy s4 that i use exclusively for internet access and i notice zero difference between 4g, 3g and whatever the f*** else it uses. please elaborate why this is a massive issue for you or anyone
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Brisbane, Queensland
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becuz 4g is liek sooooo tomorrows tech and anything less would be like back to the stone age. How will I make duckfaces and share the photos of me and my girlfriends without teh 4g? liek if you cry evry tiem
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dat camera, perfect for snapping shots of hotties on the train or some sweet up skirts.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Now this sounds like an interesting device, I like the touchpad idea. Any ETA on price?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yes, but would you buy what you're spruking, craycraymorton?

I don't buy phones, I've been in jobs for over 10 years where phones are supplied. Never bothered with a personal phone.

Any ETA on price?

December. On their own store from memory.
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