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Question - How do i connect my HDPVR to Monitor
Perth, Western Australia
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Hey i'm new to this forum and didn't know where to post this so i'm not too sure which section i should of posted this in.

So i have recently started to play my Xbox through my PC monitor, i also have a HDPVR (First one) Gaming Edition i was wondering if anyone could tell me how i would connect it up to my PC monitor.

If anyone could help please do.

Cheers SparkleKid

Edit: Umm sorry about the bad title and stuff im new to forums and everything, well my HDPVR has the 5 RCA output to the TV but i don't use my TV anymore i Play my Xbox on my PC monitor so i was just wondering how would i do that?
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Perth, Western Australia
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Wulfy ya big noob. go away.
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Cairns, Queensland
14421 posts
Hey i'm new to this forum and didn't know where to post this so i'm not too sure which section i should of posted this in.

Post everything into General, the other sections are just filters on the main forum.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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in before lock due to bad title.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Brisbane, Queensland
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With cables.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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firstly go edit your title or you're on nuke row around here

make it something like "question - how do i connect my HDPVR to my monitor"

now to your actual question, well it depends on the outputs from your HDPVR and the inputs on your monitor. i would have thought HDMI if it's all pretty new.

give us more info it seems like a simple thing to do you must be missing something in your description?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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How dare you come on to this forum, in this community and post such an ignorant title.

In regards to your question, surely there was instructions with the hardware etc? Try following them before asking silly questions.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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edit: Well? You've edited the first post so clearly you've read the thread, is ^^ that your PVR or not?

What monitor is it?

What inputs does it have?

How the hell are we supposed to know how to connect it up? For all we know you do it the same as with your TV. We're not psychics dude.

Since there is a lack of info, here.

Buy this: component to hdmi device. and plug it into the hdmi port on your monitor
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Brisbane, Queensland
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shhhh tit, don't be giving him cheap options. what if his monitor doesn't have VGA? my last one didn't
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