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Hey guys, my first post after moving from GA
Sydney, New South Wales
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Testing 1 2 3 :)

I may as well write something that maybe useful to someone while im here.

Seiki knows about the 39" 4k monitor 120hz @1080p bug, and is working on a firmware. So once they release it, it will be able to do 4k @30hz and 1080p @120hz, currently it only does 1080p @60hz, and they clearly claim 120hz input capable, as it is the case with the 50" bigger cousin, which is able to do 120hz.

Btw, turns out I had an account with Ausgamers from many years ago, is it possible to find out exactly when the account was created? Im guessing over 10 years ago hehe...
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Oct 30 2002 14:15:12 AEST
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Perth, Western Australia
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Yo. Hey how are you finding that 4k screen you got? Happy with it?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hello friend, allow me to post an educational video that will explain everything about Ausgamers;

But srsly read the rules yo
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Hey Audi, yeah the screen is awesome. 4k is like nothing i have seen before, and perfect for desktop use around this size. Its only good for few games at the moment, like slower paced strat games like Heroes of Might n Magic 6 etc, but u can always drop the res back down to 1080p for fast games. Current gen GPUs are wayyy wayy behind in horsepower for 4k, typically a graphically demanding game will run between 15-25 fps no AA (GTX 680 4gb), so its pretty much no go, unless u just wanna see jaw dropping freeze frames :)

But for things like photo editing, or videos etc, 4k is absolutely superb, leaves the 1440p in the dust and raises the standards to dangerous levels hehe.

Anyways, for the money u pay, u get an awesome PC monitor. Actually this is a barebones TV, but does not have any bells n whistles such as 3D, or smart capability, or motion flow etc etc, it just has a tuner i think (havent bothered to use) and a USB input on the side. And with the upcoming firmware, it will be 120hz capable like the TN panels for PCs, except this is a VA panel ftw :)
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Welcome to Ausgamers Glen
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Perth, Western Australia
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Hello there sir :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Welcome friend.
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Gippsland, Victoria
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Plasma or LCD?

Do you think Abbott is the greatest thing to happen to this country since Howard era and that the NBN was a bloated waste of tax payer money?

Also, is it now hip to post PC specs in your sig?
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Thanks for reminding me to update my sig.
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Good so see some familar people come over from GA with medawky and audi.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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there's two taipan's now?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Also, is it now hip to post PC specs in your sig?

well I can tell he is not a fan of fans

(maybe he gets better images thru his 4k monitor because solid state cooling or SSC's create a cleaner digital feed)
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well I can tell he is not a fan of fans(maybe he gets better images thru his 4k monitor because solid state cooling or SSC's create a cleaner digital feed)

Having no fans means the EM field in your room (yes, we all have EM fields in our rooms, as Gordon Ramsay will explain below).
We all have EM fields in our room. I don't know if it's true, or how it works, we have nothing to measure this phenomenon, and I'm probably wrong about the whole thing.
Because of this, unmolested EM fields provide passive cooling to components comprised of brass and copper. This is due to the placebo effect. The more we talk about it, the cooler the system becomes.

If you use SSD's (for cleaner audio) then you should be aware not to buy a copper base SSD or it may cool down to temperatures below -100 Celcius, causing cold boot bugs and distorting your audio.

I should know, my dad's a mechanic and my uncle fixes bore water pumps.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Taipan, there is already a bigger and better Taipan here, name change time.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Yeah sorry Taipan, that name is not going to fly. I suggest T41P4N instead.
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Only a d******* would put numbers in his name.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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d00d n0 w4y l33t sp34k is c00l 4nd l33t
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
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How can two Taipan's exist on the same board? Maybe we should let them fight it out.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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i dont know the new one, but i definately prefer the crusty old one.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I'm just waiting for them to post in the same thread.....the ensuing paradox should cause this site to implode and create some type of galactic singularity that will eventually consume the entire internet.
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Cairns, Queensland
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Someone needs to become Tiepan. Or Tyepan.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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still waiting for epic scooby v sc00bs battle
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Brisbane, Queensland
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It doesn't matter Hoggy, I'm still your elder here....
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Brisbane, Queensland
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still waiting for epic scooby v sc00bs battle

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Cairns, Queensland
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It doesn't matter Hoggy, I'm still your elder here....

Pfft 1471 posts, you're like an absent uncle that nobody gives a s*** about unless he shows up with booze or loot!
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Other International
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or if he inappropriately touches your sister?
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Also, is it now hip to post PC specs in your sig?
People still have those?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Thang kodness you have your pc specs in your sig, i was worried it wouldn't be up to standard
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