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Best bang for buck gaming laptop 1000-1500?
Sydney, New South Wales
17 posts
Been looking @ for a gaming laptop, anyone else can recommend some good on that budget?

Much appreciated!
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Brisbane, Queensland
4108 posts
which laptops, or is this a marketing ruse?
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Brisbane, Queensland
9803 posts
Though Alienware gains a lock of schtick for being super expensive, they are probably one of the better high-end laptops on the market. Can always take a look at Dell's high-end side of laptops as well, they usually offer some good bang for buck.
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I really didn't like the feel of the Alienware laptops. They felt incredibly cheap and nasty for the cost of the machine.
Get a Macbook pro Willber :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
4109 posts
what, why really go apple, unless you want to pay more for look

a sony will be better, for less

also, he said gaming
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Brisbane, Queensland
21015 posts
Aren't Alienware just Dell now anyway?
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Perth, Western Australia
1750 posts
Avoid ASUS gaming laptops. Although the hardware is great, their driver support is terrible.

I have a G73JH which I purchased as top of the line in early 2011. I installed the latest drivers for the GPU and it bluescreened the system.

Turns out I needed to apply a BIOS update, otherwise I'm stuck with the original drivers released in 2010. With the BIOS update I was able to upgrade to Catalyst circa Jan 2012, which appears to be when they completely dropped support.
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Brisbane, Queensland
847 posts
As a big fan of the Macbook Pro i would NOT get one for gaming.

These look great but a bit out of your price range:

Macbook quality, but a pc and better specs for gaming.
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Brisbane, Queensland
938 posts
I've been looking for new laptop as well ... was thinking of trying out one of these bad boys with a few smaller upgrades:

Horize p150sm
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Melbourne, Victoria
84 posts
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i just ordered the new Clevo W230ST. It's probably the best compact gaming laptop out there right now.
13.3" IPS 1080p display
New haswell processor
GTX 765M 2gb
8gb DDR3

$1300-1700 depending on configuration
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Brisbane, Queensland
878 posts
Size screen?
Form factor/weight?

Then we can talk
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Townsville, Queensland
1 posts
I recommend Lenovo Ideapad Y510p, my friend buy this device in USA last month.
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Townsville, Queensland
2 posts
See this article, The Y510p features NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M SLI GPU, you could basically play most of the games with high-setting that came out in 2012.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4172 posts
yay, that isn't the price you would pay for it at local lenovo dealer

and, due to the drop in the aussie dollar, this puts it over the $1000 "we'll let the GST slide" limit, so, add shipping, tax, and currency difference, it wouldn't be worth it
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Melbourne, Victoria
2 posts
I am trying to choose one of the Venom BlackBooks, preferably a mobile one. MLN seem to have the range. blackbook&orderBy=_itemPrice_asc
Anyone got one?
Struggling to choose the Zero or the 13.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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There is many of cheap gaming laptops with great prices, I bought my Laptop through this site,
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968 posts

MSI make several cost effective gaming laptops.

Unless you're actually going to be mobile with it though, get a desktop. $1,550 $1,800

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