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mushkin vs crucial sodimm ddr3l? which is better and why?
Perth, Western Australia
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im ordering some memory for my new gaming laptop, and ive got my list down to the following 2

Mushkin 992078 DDR3 SODIMM 8GB PC3L-10666 SODIMM 204p 9-9-9-24 1.35V
Crucial CT2KIT102464BF160B 16GB kit (8GBx2), DDR3 SODIMM PC3-12800 204-pin CAS Latency: CL11 1.35V

which one do you think it better, and why,

im gonna get 32gb of either, i just dont know which one is the better choice
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Brisbane, Queensland
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is the mushkin a 4x2 or a single 8? might save you hassles to check the slots on your mobo if you're going to be packing in 32gb

not much difference between them spec wise, the cas latencies seem the same but that frequency number seems to be an outlier between the two

is there much of a price diff between the two? i'd get the lesser if it's more than a tenner diff, but i'm an epic ch33psk8

it's not ECC server modules so i don't think there's much between them.

nice buy i think, i need the same for a little virt box i'm building
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Brisbane, Queensland
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fast ram isn't worth the extra cost for no noticeable difference. buy whatever is cheapest that's listed as compatible with your mobo. Kingston 8GB DDR3-1333MHZ or something like that and spend the money on a bigger ssd or video
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Is 32gb over kill?

When does ram stop giving incremental performance improvements in relation to size?
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