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Recommend me Ultrabook for Work
Brisbane, Queensland
5653 posts
Can you recommend me ultrabook, want something light and nice. Not to sure if i want 13" screen or 15" screen, will be doing abit of travelling

Edit: I did buy one for my Director last month its Toshiba Z930 (he is Toshiba fan) I haven't heard any complaints but its still new
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Brisbane, Queensland
4176 posts
anything ASUS i reckon. Mines a year old now but still rock solid and did Italy with us.

check out JB they have some good gear
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Brisbane, Queensland
620 posts
Dell XPS13 or XPS14
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
37059 posts
Hoggy recently gave the 12Z a good rap as well. I have a 13Z and love it. GF has a 14Z and it's rad too.
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Perth, Western Australia
340 posts
How urgently do you want it?

We should start to see Intel 4th gen i3/i5/i7 (Haswell) chips in laptops soon which will either give you longer battery life (if you get a Haswell) or drop the price of the 3rd gen i3/i5/i7 laptops (if you don't).
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Brisbane, Queensland
20007 posts
I mentioned recently I got an ASUS Ultrabook: i5 SSD HDD, windows 8 and touchscreen for $799 from MSY. I believe there are now i7s for the same price.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10605 posts
Asus touchscreen ultrabook or gtfo
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Sydney, New South Wales
992 posts
Yeah Asus all the way.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7803 posts
Wait a few more weeks until the new Haswell's chipset hit AU.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
135 posts
the Toshiba z930/01E is a great ultra book.. 256gb SSD 13" screen, backlit keys and light as a feather 6gb ram and a intel core i5, if you decide on one of them let me know and i'll be able to do you a good price if you can be bothered coming down to the Gold coast Jb-HiFi ;)
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Brisbane, Queensland
7674 posts
Wait a few more weeks until the new Haswell's chipset hit AU.

Good advice.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1403 posts
Why not a Surface Pro? Get the best of everything.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3975 posts
I need a laptop book thing too but waiting for them to come with Haswell CPU and 7 series nvidia GPU. Are alienwares good now that Dell own them? I'm looking for a beast of a machine so I don't have to drag my 30kg+ ass of a tower around to lans.
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Brisbane, Queensland
621 posts
Why not a Surface Pro? Get the best of everything.

If you don't mind the smaller screen - would also recommend Surface Pro
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Brisbane, Queensland
4021 posts
Sony viao
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