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ARM - Mali-V500 Antipiracy Chipsets
Brisbane, Queensland
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ARM today touted the Mali-V500, its new graphics processing unit for gadgets, which apparently can protect 1080p video from pirates.

The British design biz said the V500 can decode high-definition video without giving the operating system, nor the applications running above it, the chance to copy the footage in transit: in other words, while playing back Hollywood's blockbusters and broadcasters' expensive sitcoms, the images can't be intercepted and siphoned off by copyright pirates - "from download to display".

More info in links below
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Brisbane, Queensland
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what kind of piece of s*** decides to invent a thing like this? same a******* that invent technology for cops to use probably
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Brisbane, Queensland
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MPAA s***c**** say shut up and take my money the receiver makes this crap
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Brisbane, Queensland
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the images can't be intercepted and siphoned off by copyright pirates - "from download to display".

Thems fighten words!

The best way to get your stuff hacked is it to say it's unhackable...

I'm sure if they really must do it, a device will be placed between the computer and monitor and capture the data that way. Using a cracked monitor to get any encryption key needed.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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This has been on the cards for years now, with HDCP finally taking off this will eventually be the norm.. Although someone will crack it i'm sure.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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HDCP is already cracked and any digital rights management for audio or video always has a final weak link: it has to be decoded to be displayed on a screen or played through speakers.

The billions of monitors and TVs people are currently using don't support the newer DRM schemes anyway, so by strictly adopting them they'll make sure that no one buys any content. It's all an utterly pointless exercise. All it takes is one person to create a pirate copy of a video or audio file for that to spread across the entire internet. There is simply no way to prevent that happening and it's ridiculous that companies want people to buy content that is less functional than the pirated equivalent. Just offer up official MKV files already.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
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Looking at the Anandtech link, it implies the DRM is just this TrustZone thing, which is apparently already supported in these chips:
ARM Cortex-A15
ARM Cortex-A9
ARM Cortex-A8
ARM Cortex-A7
ARM Cortex-A5
Are these chips out yet?
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Sydney, New South Wales
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The analog loop is their problem

If your eyes can see it a camera can record it. anti piracy measure circumvented.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Who the hell watches cam rips these days?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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so how does this stop a pirate from ripping it straight off a DVD / blu-ray?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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so how does this stop a pirate from ripping it straight off a DVD / blu-ray?

It doesn't, since you won't be using this chip inside a PC that can house a dvd / bluray player.

Most likely it's for portable or compact media player style units that stream from the internet, and require hardware decoding due to the CPU itself not being fast enough for software decoding ...
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Brisbane, Queensland
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So.. considering that practically all movies are either cam'd / TS'd from the cinema or ripped from a disc, and virtually all tv shows are recorded with capture cards/dvrs. What piracy are these chips meant to be stopping ?
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