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Warranty honoured ... twice
Brisbane, Queensland
10152 posts
Wuts doin ?

So my A5 speakers died at Christmas time :( and I thought Id try for a warranty claim. Somewhat surprisingly it was honoured in February and they sent me a new set, actually a slightly better newer model. Great result considering all the stories we all have about bad service.

Today i got a card from the Post Office saying there was a large parcel for me.
It was another set of A5s !

Recently Id had two emails from the Company saying to check my warranty status but it was unchanged and i emailed them thanking them for honouring the warranty and asking why I was getting Emails (2 in the last 2 weeks)
Got a reply saying i should ignore them.

I feel pretty bad about keeping them and will prolly email them monday but I was wondering what are the legal consequences ?

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03:46pm 26/04/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10922 posts
Sounds just like when people get overpaid by Centrelink, keep the money, then go to jail.
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Sydney, New South Wales
955 posts
Use them in 2 rooms, if they ask for them back, ship them back.

I had HP track down a laptop which was sent out by mistake 4 months later.
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Brisbane, Queensland
16932 posts
apple sent me 2 items when i only ordered the one. i never heard from them.
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Townsville, Queensland
1752 posts
It's clearly a conspiracy for you to commit theft, send both of them back and refuse to pedal in their corrupt wares.
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Brisbane, Queensland
11109 posts
I waited half an hour for a box of 10 nuggets at maccas on wed night, then they told me they upsized it to 15 nuggets for free because I waited so long. The box was indeed a larger box, but then it turned out only to have 10 nuggets in it, which is what I paid for.

Keep the speakers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2049 posts
Send them back.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2917 posts
I'll give you $20
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1215 posts
I may have seen something on TV about this. If you let them know, and they don't send someone to pick it up, after a certain amount of time, you can keep it.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36924 posts
Nothin' says civil liberties and freedom and respect for the free market like wondering if it's a good idea to exploit a problem in the system for personal gain!
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Brisbane, Queensland
3908 posts
Phone them and ask for shipping costs so you can send it back, you have a pretty good chance of them saying don't sorry about it, if not oh well, you're doing the right thing.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4087 posts
Buy a white van and cruise shopping centres and sell them
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Brisbane, Queensland
10924 posts
Haha best suggestion so far.
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Brisbane, Queensland
35596 posts
only real option is cm way
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Brisbane, Queensland
10154 posts
Heres an even funnier story.
The speakers blew when i was rooting around with recording guitar so I thought Id just get some $160 Logitechs to thrash and connect the the A5s to the TV.
But The new speakers are still sitting in the box unwrapped.

Which now has the 2nd box of speakers they sent me sitting on top of it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3972 posts
i'll give you $30, and will pick them up,

that way you'll have that space free incase they send you a third set
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Brisbane, Queensland
19815 posts
It's the law of unsolicited goods. Unless they ask for them back, you have no obligation.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10012 posts
A5's aren't cheap, decent monitors.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22621 posts
It's the law of unsolicited goods. Unless they ask for them back, you have no obligation.
So yesterday you were advocating murder, today you are spicing it up with a bit of stealing. Noice.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10195 posts
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Sydney, New South Wales
956 posts
Found this for NSW:

Couldn't find a similar thing on the QLD website.

Awesome, if someone sends you something wrong down here, just wait it out for 3 months and it's yours!
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Brisbane, Queensland
10156 posts
its a karma thing though.
i really dont think it was a defect in the original speakers, (my fault) so they kind of did me a favour replacing them and i dont feel good about keeping this pair.

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6303 posts
is it the 5+? give you $300 pickup
01:09pm 27/04/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6512 posts
Selling it would be the worst advice. If you're at all worried that they might want to claim it back (and lawfully they have a claim) selling it would put you right in the s***.

Using it but keeping all the packaging would be my suggestion at worst, and at best just send it back. Given the waste of time creating the thread and the vague mental decision making stress you are undergoing on something that would be worth a few hunj if you didn't already have one, but because you already do, isn't really wroth that much to you.. why not just send it back and feel good that you did the right thing.

Or keep it what do i care.
01:13pm 27/04/13 Permalink
2031 posts
Send it back to them.

I had the same sort of experience, but they sent me like a care package for being honest, nothing major.. poster, cap, pens etc.

I'd at least e-mail them and tell them.
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