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Recommend a Headset/Headphone
Brisbane, Queensland
11827 posts
Well my crap headset fell apart. Literally. Fell off the desk and the left side snapped off. Go fatal1ty you c**t! So I figure you get what you pay for, this time I'll spend a bit more (budget still around $100-120). I've asked a few friends and they all recommend either:

* Audio Technica ATH-AD700 Headphones (can get shipped from overseas for around $100 I think)
* Logitech G35

I would prefer they weren't USB, but well if they're awesome USB is OK. Doesn't have to have a mic, I can buy a $1 desk mic if I need one. Would prefer open ear so I can hear stuffs around me as well. Use will be mainly for gaming and watching porn YouTube.

What do you use and would you buy them again?
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Brisbane, Queensland
10862 posts
I want a pair of these.
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Melbourne, Victoria
3153 posts
I had AD-700's and they were great but I wore them out, I decided to take a chance on some Corsair branded headphones, the Corsair Vengeance 1300. only $65 and not too bad. They were a bit tight on my head at first but after leaving them on a large money box for the first week or two it's no issue now.

The mic is passable, I expected it to be a bit better until I noticed that the secondary mic for noise canceling is on the opposite side of the primary mic, rather than the base of the boom.

They are a closed type of headphone, this makes it a bit annoying when you talk into the mic, this is because I was so used to the open AD-700s, your voice sounds different when talking.

The AD-700's are still better in all ways apart from mic, cuz they don't have one.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21553 posts
Anything made of plastic is gonna snap after a while. Get some of those fat springy wire ones.

This style (not a recommendation for this particular model, never used it, this is just the type I mean) http://headphones.com.au/psingle?productID=562
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Central Coast, New South Wales
581 posts
If you're tossing up wireless at any point, I'd suggest these:


Have a pair myself and they're quite nice. Bit bassy compared to my last set as to be expected as they're closed can, but the sound quality is good, there's no lag, battery lasts ages and the sound-card for it is pretty good too (esp compared to onboard).

I've previously had a set of corsair headphones (though don't remember what model, had "50mm drivers" though).

They were open can so the bass was rather lacking, but otherwise, the sound quality was good. A decent brand to look at for headsets imo. Seen nothing but good reviews on all their products.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5485 posts
Ive had my Audio Technica ATH-AD900 Headphone for about 4 years now and use them every day, still look brand new.

I recommend Logitech USB Mic

The reason i recommend this is USB mics are so easy to just work just plug it in dont have to worry about volume setting or anything. Plus the good thing for me is i just plug it into my keyboard because it has 2 usb ports so i dont have cords everywhere.

Just my 2 cents
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1928 posts
I've got the Plattan UrbanEars - http://www.urbanears.com/headphones/plattan

They're awesome, great build quality, good sound, and relatively cheap. They've got a built in mic so if you get a 1-to-2 adaptor you can do audio and mic on your PC.

I've also got some Bose Quiet Comfort 15's which are top notch too, ex-employee never came to pick them up, score!

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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1415 posts
I can vouch for the UrbanEars, I bought a set when I watched one of their ad video's and then listened to a pair @ Myer.

Simple smaller headphones that have decent sound quality.

How good is the extra 3.5mm plug in the right earpiece?
Someone asks what you're listening to, BAM just plug them in!

I can't say I'd rate them for long hours of gaming tho...
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Melbourne, Victoria
163 posts
I recently had a kid - so my system (Edifier 550s) had to get turned down... *sigh* so to help this process I picked up some AD-900's , very very .. (did I say very) NICE!

the sound they pump out is clear / sharp. Excellent for gaming (especially fps as the sound stage is wide and directional accuracy is nice). The bass is very tight - but almost clinical (not loose like a sub, but punchy).

anyway , +1 for them lol
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2361 posts
ad-700s are reallllly good for gaming. if not hte best you can get. music is not their strong point though. To this day i will still stand by sony earbuds i bought 10 years ago for $110 which i broke and was crushed that they no longer make them.





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Brisbane, Queensland
11828 posts
Cool, some good stuff to go on. A few to look at that I've never heard of/considered. That is a sweet info graphic type guide I'll check through a bunch on there too.

Really need closed ear because my wife cracks the s**** if she's yelling from the other side of the suburb and I don't hear her with closed ear headphones :p
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Brisbane, Queensland
10258 posts
That is so true. Headsets are inferior. Most of the time they are usb as well so they can't use your soundcard if you got a decent one. Headphones + usb mic is the go.
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