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NZ 3G/4G Prepaid
Brisbane, Queensland
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Hi guys

We've got a bit of stuff going down in NZ this year so need a 3G/4G connection.

What is the best telco for this, and is prepaid feasible?

Should we buy a modem or maybe buy an unlocked iphone for this?

Paging Jase cause he doesn't respond on FB
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I have a telecom NZ data card sitting around unused as we had it sent over for our trip at christmas and it didn't arrive in time.

It is a $50 2GB prepaid you can have it and my other half used one with about 1GB on it for $50 if you like.

Data doesn't expire till the end of the year from memory, but I will have to check it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7917 posts

And what about 4G, do they know about that over there?
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No idea about 4G..

They didn't even give me the option so I am assuming that it isn't available.

At least around Queenstown where I was staying anyway.
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
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NZ telecom are the best, don't bother with anyone else.

Just pick up a SIM and get a data pack, I recall it was less then $50 NZD last time I was over there and that was heaps of useage/data
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Did you want any more info on this jmr or you sorted?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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What others have said, just pop into the Telecom NZ shop at the airport (there's one in Auckland airport, not sure about any others) and grab a sim and whatever data you want on it.
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