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Computer halp
Brisbane, Queensland
17925 posts
Last night we had a power out not sure what time or how long

Anyway i go to my pc just now and there is nothing on the screen it is off but the fans in the case are all running the power light is on etc

So i press the reset button and nothing happens at first but then the screen turns on for a few seconds and shuts off again. So i press and hold the power button down and the fans slow down for a bit but then continue on

I take the power cable out of the psu and it all shuts down and i left that without the power cable in for a couple of minutes and come back put the power cable back in and all the fans fire up again straight away and it is as it was completely unresponsive

I'm leaning towards mother board being f***ed

Also yes i have a surge protection board that it is plugged into
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Brisbane, Queensland
35334 posts
doesnt sound good bro;

unplug from mains, pop your case open and reseat everything.

grab your mobo manual and find out how to do a cmos reset and do that as well;

plug back in and see what happens.

does sound like mobo be gawn.
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Brisbane, Queensland
35335 posts
unplug all usb stuff from pc too
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Brisbane, Queensland
17926 posts
so i unplugged it for like 10 mins and then came back and gave it another shot

i plug the power supply plug back in (all fans turn on again, wtf)

i hit the power button and hold it in for a bit next thing the screen turns on and it boots up

f***ed if i know
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Perth, Western Australia
1437 posts
instead of turning it off for ten minutes, you can just unplug the power cord then press the power button on the PC, that should drain out any remaining charge.

Sounds like something is building up a charge and then shorting out.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2136 posts
your mobo is f***ed

deal with it
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Brisbane, Queensland
17927 posts
well it's working now as per previous post, you hardcore c***
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Brisbane, Queensland
9937 posts
sounds like you had a brown out.

back up your data

Also yes i have a surge protection board that it is plugged into

surge boards filter power fluctuations that can damage your equipment, though they're no replacement for a UPS during a brown out. That said, some power supplies certainly can hold charge sufficiently during such an event. I was ever so plussed when my Corsair TX750 kept my gaming rig powering on during this summer's s***** weather, yet the lights/wifey's PC/TV/etc blanked out. Still, your PSU took a serious hit when that happened.

I really should get another UPS here for my rig. They don't cost a fortune anymore, and many have surge protection built in.


I bought one of these some time ago, though it's worn out now. I really should get another one, especially since the batteries are cheap to buy online
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Brisbane, Queensland
10000 posts
I hate blackouts.
Brown outs though can be worse.

Why not take the oppertunity to take out teh cards and clean them and clear out any dust on the fans. Reseat the RAM.

A clean PC runs best.

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Brisbane, Queensland
9961 posts
Brownouts are destroy fridges.

However here I am going to blame SSDs, even if you don't have an SSD ...
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Central Coast, New South Wales
579 posts

$10 says it was aliens.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9964 posts
Crop circles or die!
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Brisbane, Queensland
3847 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
21551 posts
Aliens.$10 says it was aliens.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9940 posts
Brownouts are destroy fridges.

However here I am going to blame SSDs, even if you don't have an SSD ...

I am hating it too atm...

I like my Crucial, but atm Intel owns all. I've a jist of the tech and can see why it will go one way or the other, though I can't offer a cheaper solution for Intel SSDs currently for our servers :(

( for newer readers - I am not a fan of AMD tech currently )
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Brisbane, Queensland
8172 posts
Intel 520 +1
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Melbourne, Victoria
7757 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
8820 posts
mental, same thing happened to me!
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