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Router / switch questions
Brisbane, Queensland
21497 posts
I've been looking at upgrading my old WRT router but don't want to lose the advanced functions it has. I'm wondering if any of the advanced networking gurus on here have seen something that might posses all the fancy shenanigans the tomato firmware has. (firmware emulator here for examples).

The main features I use often are:
dnsmasq configuration
static dhcp assignments
internet blocking by key words and full / partial domain matches
port forwarding (manual and upnp)
and what I can only guess would be "netstat", it's a page that shows which internal IP is connected to which external IP.

Only catch is, it can't be a computer. I just want something small that sits on a shelf and does its thing without using more than 1 or 2 watts of power like my WRT currently does. Also would like wireless N.

This is for cable, not ADSL. Have I been spoiled by my cheap router + fancy firmware combo? Or are there other, more modern, solutions that exist?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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How about a Netgear WNR3500L and load Tomato or DD-WRT or OpenWRT?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I was sort of hoping to move away from tomato / custom install stuff (half the reason I don't want it to be a PC).

Also forgot to mention I want about 12 ports.

I was wondering if I could get some cheaps*** wireless N router and just hook it up to some uber awesome managed switch or something along those lines. I might just look into one of the routers that feature kiddy mode or whatever, and hook it up to my 8 port switch. They must have some kind of blocking rules I can make use of and one would assume some kind of static dhcp rules otherwise how would the router know which PC to block. I can probably do without the real time monitor pages if I have to.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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you would be much better off buying a 12 port switch and picking a normal router that has the functions you want, not too many routers will have 12 ports
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Brisbane, Queensland
35293 posts
you can plug just about any router into any other router and just have it operate as a switch
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Melbourne, Victoria
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you can plug just about any router into any other router and just have it operate as a switch

I have the same happening from my router upstairs, ethernet over powerline to my router downstairs (double brick.. ugh) where my pc's sit.
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Sydney, New South Wales
1036 posts
I just got one of these, it's got stacks and stacks of features as well as triple wan (dsl/gig eth/wireless) for when NBN rolls around.

+1 to router + super switch.
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